Deadly vs Romance [First Impression]

Deadly vs Romance [First Impression]

Deadly vs Romance is like a parody comic of the two genres, blending perfectly into each. I must say it was one unique experience reading this.

Alt Titles필살VS로맨스
CreatorsGureu [구르, Kureu] (Author & Artist)
LicensedSadly no
Genre ActionComedyDramaRomanceSchool LifeSlice of LifeSupernatural
Deadly Vs Romance

Summary of Deadly Vs Romance

A woman who is like a martial arts manhwa character “Yubi”. A man who is like a shoujo manhwa character “Shin-woo”.

The two who are used to living in their own genres won’t easily fall for each other!

Will they be able to achieve a happy ending according to the standard of manhwa?!

Deadly Vs Romance

If you’ve read a lot of comics such as martial arts or shoujo series, you’ve come across these characters. The man is a cold character towards everyone but the girl he likes.

He’s also a secret rich boy, who has a hidden task force coming after him (or something along those lines). Oh, and he also has a fan club dictating who can ask him out! Which an assassin soon learned wasn’t including him.

The female character has a vendetta and seeks revenge against the person who killed her father! Somehow the path of these two characters cross and they end up… falling for each other?

Yubi discovers Shin-woo is actually not evil when he risks his life to rescue a cute puppy. Apparently both were heading to the same park, so she thought he was the enemy and basically destroyed a bus. Miraculously he did survive, making Yubi very shocked!

I must say I do like the story but I don’t think it can be anything BUT a comedy. Which isn’t bad, not really. Not all stories have to be deep or “mean” something to the audience. Sometimes it’s fun to read and see tropes and clichés done in an amusing way.

Recommendation: Give it a go! It’s kind of funny and might surprise you

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