Day By Day

Day By Day [First Impression – Manhwa]

Day by Day is a modern romance tale set in high school. What happens when your childhood friend confesses to you?

Alt TitlesUs, Day by Day / 우리는 매일매일 / Amour de jeunesse  / スクエアパス
CreatorsGaedarae (개다래)
Licensed?Yes, Manta
GenreDramaMangaRomanceSlice of LifeSports 

“Day By Day” doesn’t seem to be anything exceedingly special. We have a male childhood friend confessing to his female childhood friend. She is crushing on another guy, who is seemingly a rude person.

I think this story is fairly ok for a manhwa focusing on high school, relationship and sports. The art isn’t amazing nor is the plot out of the world.

Day By Day

However, I do think the general idea of the story is quite nice. The reactions of the characters seem reasonable and it’s realistic to feel awkward after having a confession thrown in your face. Confessing in general is quite awkward.

I do like the realism of the manhwa. After a confession, it’s going to be hard to keep a straight face if you got rejected. I pity the guy, it can’t be easy to go in the same class as your crush.

Imagine seeing the person you like, and knowing you embarrassed yourself.

Despite the initial setbacks for our future couple, I am hoping that the future will turn out fine for them. Although I lowkey ship our guy with their other friend, they look better together for some reason.

I’m thinking this story will be like a lot of other school series. It will take its sweet time getting to the actual good stuff. We’re going to have some arguments, like in all of these stories. In the end they’ll end up getting together.

Recommendation: A cute story but nothing special, read if you want some teenage angst.

Available on Manta

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