Daughter of The Emperor [Recommendation]

Daughter of The Emperor [Recommendation]

A story that has been in the making for some time, “Daughter of the Emperor” is a good but long read.

Alt TitleEmperor’s Only Daughter, Hwangje-ui Oedongttal,  Koutei no Hitori Musume,  Primogenita del emperador, Единственная дочь императора, 皇帝の一人娘, 皇帝的独生女, 황제의 외동딸
CreatorsYunsul [윤슬, Yoon Seul, Yun Seul] Rino [Peace Diner, リノ] (Authors) – Rino (Artist)
Licensed?Yes, TappyToon, Pocket Comics & Tapas – Official Translation: IndonesianChineseVietnameseJapanese
NovelYes, English
Daughter Of The Emperor

Summary of Daughter Of The Emperor

Ariadna Lereg Ilestri Pre Agrigent.

And so my life begins with this ridiculously long name, born to royalty and the center of attention – all because of one dangerous man; the veritably insane tyrant king, ruthless conqueror of ten empires, nightmare of all continents- and my father?!

Will I be able to survive this maniac?

This story has been a long one, with many ups and down. Overall I quite like, but I’ve gotten pickier with my stories as more have come out. Still, this one has the charm of baby belonging to crazed dad.

Daughter Of The Emperor

Ariadna is likeable, and the author took time to develop her character. She’s a bit of a cry baby sometimes, but she’s lived a really sheltered life.

There are a lot of characters we’re introduced to in the story, some I like more than others. Now, the plot is quite long, with several moments of Ariadna’s childhood to get through. If you’re not curious about that, then it’s obviously going to be a boring read.

In my opinion, those were the best moments of the series. As she grows up, the plot becomes very strange and slightly convoluted. I can’t really understand the motivating factors of some characters.

Overall it’s not a bad story, but it’s been going on for a long time it’s starting to feel dragged out.

Recommendation: Worth a read due to it being iconic.

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