Dark Mortal [Recommendation]

Dark Mortal is a story about a blind kid whom has an “imaginary” friend by the name of Inky. All of the sudden, he regains his vision…

Alt TitlesGeom-eun In-gan, Kawan Kelam, มนุษย์ทมิฬ, 暗黑怪人, 검은인간
CreatorsLEE Jeonyeok [LEE Jeo-nyeok, LEE JongHyeok, 이저녁]
LicensedYes, Official English Translation, Official Traditional Chinese Translation, Official Indonesian Translation, Official Thai Translation
GenreAction,  DramaHorrorMature Warning: Depression, Gore/bloodMental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted MurderSuicide / Attempted Suicide, Psychological, RomanceSchool LifeSupernatural
Dark Mortal
Inky eating some bread

Dark Mortal Summary

Having others call you a freak isn’t so bad when you have a spunky little black blob as a companion.

An explosion leaves Nam Kang orphaned, scarred, and nearly blind, but he toughs out the daily bullying with the help of his imaginary blob friend, Inky.

Until one day, Nam wakes from a bad beating to find his scars healed and his vision restored.

At a new school, Nam is finally given the chance to live life as a normal kid. But it isn’t just his scars that disappears.

His best friend Inky is gone, too.

Dark Mortal
Poor kid
Dark Mortal starts out normal enough, with a kid and his parents discussing memories. He’s desperate with remembering his family and their experiences together.

However, things go awry and I feel like someone targets the boy before the accident. Honestly, it almost feel like the accident isn’t an accident at all, but something inky’s other friend plans. This is just pure speculation, so don’t take it as something serious.

I love the fact the protagonist is able to express emotions in various ways, not only trying to be strong. He cries and feels bad, he feels hope and then it’s crushed again.

The story is honestly heart-breaking and sad, especially considering how much bullying our poor protagonist goes through. It makes sense he finally snaps and can’t handle it anymore.

Dark Mortal [Recommendation]

His only hope is his “grandpa” who adopts him, despite being quite old already.

It seems they develop quite a nice father-son relationship. I never expected to feel such satisfaction when the grandpa decides to take revenge on some bullies.

I wish he’s able to find happiness, but I think the blobs are trying to make him do something bad… He’s still able to snap out of his trances, but I’m expecting him to mess up.

Recommendation: If you like reading stories with some really sad and heart-breaking scenes, this is for you! It’s also featuring action and some really awful characters.

Be aware this story features a lot of bullying, blood, depression and so on. It also has at least one suicide attempt.

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