How to Be a Dark Hero’s Daughter [1st Impression]

How To Be A Dark Hero’s Daughter is yet another isekai story, but I’m giving it the benefit of doubt. Hopefully it will be a cute story with a nice male lead.

Alt Titles다크 히어로의 딸이 되는 법
CreatorsLisabel, 리사벨 (Author)
Pina, pina9312, pina_ctrls, Пина, 피나 (Artist)
AdaptedFrom Novel
GenreDramaFantasyHistoricalIsekaiMature Warning:  Gore/bloodMental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted MurderRomanceSupernatural

How To Be A Dark Hero’s Daughter Summary

The MC transmigrated into a novel and became an extra from the novel.

The novel is a murder thriller and the main character is a serial killer. He kills criminals with black magic making him a dark hero (think of him as Dexter or batman with dark magic).

She (MC) doesn’t have any death flags since she’s a background extra but she was a homeless girl of all things in such a dangerous novel. Somehow our MC saves the male lead and to thank her, he adopts her.

“Become my daughter.”

The richest, most powerful, and handsome duke commands her to be his child. The MC is freaked out since she knows he’s a cold-blooded killer.

Can she survive such a maniac? Yet he dotes on her and constantly says ‘my daughter is the cutest’! He wants to get master artists to draw her and gather poets to describe her adorableness.

The duke also has a son. And because the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, he also dotes on her.

In this way, a beggar became a little princess. She also got used to people getting killed. However, there was still one problem.

Our MC has turns sixteen and is wondering as a lady, will she have an arranged marriage?

The whole house atmosphere quickly turns awkward. She realizes, perhaps they want her to stay here forever?

Can she escape such a strange house? Everyone is so attached to her! 

Dark Hero's Daughter

We start out with the novel’s main character asking a young girl to be his adoptive daughter. We quickly go to the past where our female lead is reading a newspaper. It seems our female is an isekai heroine, but she initially doesn’t remember her past life.

When she touches the main male lead of the novel, memories rush back and she helps him catch a person he’s chasing after. It’s a quite interesting take on these isekai stories.

Our female lead eventually goes to visit the male lead of the original novel. She’s expecting to become a maid, but it seems she’s going to be an adopted daughter instead.

The female lead is definitely trying to appear like a child, not drawing way too much attention to herself. She can’t be telling everyone she’s an isekai heroine, after all.

I quite like how the female lead is realistic about her involvement with the “father”, seeing as she’s probably going to end up in harm’s way.

However, the alternative of being a beggar doesn’t really appeal to her anyway. It’s better to jump at a chance of living a good life than suffering, especially if you don’t really have a lot of options later on.

I must say I also really like the art style of the manhwa series. It’s really quite good and I like the family our female lead is now part of, despite some murderous tendencies.

Even the son of the female lead’s new father is nice and so is her “aunt”. They just seem like good people all around, at least to our female lead.

Final thoughts: So far I’m really liking the story, you should definitely check it out!

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