Dancing Together [First Impression]

Dancing Together [First Impression]

Dancing Together is focusing on dancing as a sport. Our female lead suffers some pretty bad losses initially, but she’s ready to rise again.

Alt TitleHamkke Chum-eul, 함께 춤을, Hamkke Chumeul  
CreatorsDoyeon [momibo, 도연] (Author & Artist)
LicensedNo, Korean Webtoon
AdaptedNot sure
GenreDramaRomanceSlice of LifeSports
Dancing Together [First Impression]

Dancing Together Summary

Will I be able to meet my partner of fate and win the “Dance with Me?”

Pure Love, dance and revenge All mixed together in this beautiful manhwa.

Dancing Together [First Impression]
Dancing Together is a manhwa I have a good feeling about. The story starts out with our female character, Ah Young, receiving no flowers in the competition she’s in.

Apparently she’s participating in a TV show where dancing is the main concept, like Let’s Dance or something like that. Each contestant gives a rose to the one they want to dance with. However, our poor girl gets no rose from anyone and even gives her rose to her ex-partner!

Another woman receives two roses, and she picks one of the men who picks her. The leftover guy teams up with Ah Young and they start dancing together.

Anyone who has memories of being bullied must know how our female lead feels, being left out. However, her partner seems really decent and is ready to work together with her. From what I read, they start working on a concept together and she realizes her ex-partner is trash since he always decides for her.

He basically started controlling her clothing style, always opting for cute and feminine clothes. Likewise, her female friend always degrade her and push her down, simply because she wants to feel better about herself.

I can see this story is going to focus a lot on personal growth, combining romance and dancing to do so. Overall I’m very excited reading more and I hope we can see this licensed and officially translated soon!

Recommendation: If you have chance, give this one a read! It seems to have a lot of potential.

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