Daddy Sugar Baby

Daddy Sugar Baby [First Impression – Webtoon]

Originally I thought this story wouldn’t be good, but the initial lines about relationships and skipping ahead directly to marriage were just too good! It caught my eye instantly.

Alt TitleDasuga
CreatorsHaruka Megyuumi
Licensed?Yes, EnglishIndonesian
GenreComedyDramaMangaRomanceSlice of Life,


Daddy Sugar Baby is very on the nose with its explanations of the characters. We’re not given introduction via dialogue per say, more so with boxes of information. This can both be good and bad, depending on how its done. 

Because of being bored dating someone who is below her caste, Haruka, known as an Alpha-woman, desperately want to positioned herself as an omega.

One day she met Jonathan, a 35-year-old man who is a lot more alpha than herself. She fell in love with him and decides to marry him no matter what.


So far, the story seems to combine elements of these pop up boxes and the pace of the story quite nicely. It doesn’t seem out of place. 

Daddy Sugar Baby
Like most of the stories, we’re given enough build up from both sides to warrant a change in their usual routine. Our main heroine’s friends are getting married and she’s stuck at home due to being a freelancer.

Our main male lead is bored with life, always having women complain they want more time with him. He gets the suggestion from a friend to try something different. This will lead us up to the proposal, eventually.

The meeting is so cliché but hey, the rest of the story is tongue in cheek so I can go with it. It’s obvious the story has a light-hearted feel to it. Things we normally hate would be more amusing than annoying, which is good.

There’s a difference between a story taking themselves way too seriously, and a story using tropes to cause a fun story.

I can’t finish this without writing about the art. The characters are a gorgeous mix between cartoon style and realism. I absolutely adore the eyes as well! 

Recommendation: Seems like a solid story with a fun twist,  give it a read! 

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