5 of the Cutest Children in Comics

5 of the Cutest Children in Comics

Here’s 5 of the cute children we find in comics, including both manhwa, manhua and manga series. Of course, there’s many more we can’t fit into our list!

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Xiaoqi from “Black-Backed Albatross
Cutest Children In Comics

Xiaoqi from “Black-Backed Albatross” is one of the cutest children I’ve ever seen! Her big head and small body is just so cyuuuute. I can’t get over her adorableness. She also extra cute with her shark plushie!

What I especially like about her is the design to give her pigtails that are quite slim, which makes her head look even bigger. The fact her mouth also forms to a triangle is also extra cute. She’s just all over adorable.

Hajun and Hayul Lee from “To You Who Swallowed A Star

Two in the package of one, good deal right? These two siblings are so cute looking. It’s clear they’re not taken care of well enough, so when their neighbour steps in, they form a good bond.

Hajun ends up becoming a star, whereas our female sibling Hayul is still a mystery. I just love the blue eyes and black hair! Such an interesting combination.

Hyesung from “Crush of a Lifetime

5 Of The Cutest Children In Comics

Who knew a bowl cut could be that cute on a child! Hyesung is Kisung’s younger brother and they’re both pretty cute! I just love his blush marks and brown, shining eyes! He’s such a cutie pie I just want to pinch his cheeks.

Alpen/Tita from “The Tyrant’s Guardian Is An Evil Witch

The first thing that happens as he enters the castle is burst into tears. Clete sure is scary and has a lot to learn about children! Of course, despite being a future tyrant, he’s so cute! He’s smart and wants to do his best.

I love his blonde hair and red eyes, he can look both vicious and adorable! Even a really dangerous plan falls for his charms!

Ushio Okazaki from Clannad

It was my boyfriend who introduced me to Clannad and oh boy, it was an emotional journey. Ushio is the child of the two main character’s and she is just so adorable and cute! She has beautiful, big eyes and brown hair which makes her look like her mother.

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