8 Cute Pink Haired Female Characters in Manhwa

8 Cute Pink Haired Female Characters in Manhwa

Here’s a tribute to all of the cute pink haired characters we find in various manhwas!

There’s no real rim and reason to who appears first. We’ve only taken into account the exterior attributes, although some references to their personality is made – that is not what made them get into this list! Without further ado, here are our pick of “8 Cute Pink Haired Female Characters”.

Yerenica Lebonvy from “Seduce The Villain’s Father
8 Cute Pink-Haired Female Characters In Manhwa
Yerenica Lebonvy

Yerenica Lebonvy is both looking like a cute cinnamon roll, but she is also one! That doesn’t mean she’s a weak character, incapable of making choices or standing up for herself.

Unfortunately she has a weak body due to her isekai nature, yet she’s still determined to save the “father”, Erudian. Not even this man can keep his feelings for her under wraps for too long…

Sasha Tartt from “The Antagonist’s Pet”
8 Cute Pink-Haired Female Characters In Manhwa
Sasha Tartt

Sasha Tartt is smart and manipulative, but not in a bad way. She’s just trying to survive well, without hurting anyone in the process. Of course, this isn’t fully true.

In her attempts to placate everyone else she’s being forced to withstand other people’s abuse. She simply doesn’t feel like she’s worth being respected, or maybe she feels like she can’t be respected and live well. Either way, she finds friendship which helps build up her self-worth without having to suffer abuse from others.

Han Marie from “Should I Not Tell?
8 Cute Pink-Haired Female Characters In Manhwa
Han Marie

Han Marie is more beautiful than cute, but she can easily pull off a cute look. In later chapters of the story she sports braids in her hair and she just looks so adorable!

Although her personality may not be the cutest nor her attitude, she has several redeeming qualities so I’ll just overlook all of the outbursts. I’m weak to that cotton-candy hair.

Chitra Serekino from “Chitra”
8 Cute Pink-Haired Female Characters In Manhwa
Chitra Serekino

Our Chitra is all kinds of weird, but I do enjoy the accurate representation of being isekai’ed into a different world and leaving your family behind. She is quite smart and not afraid of going a bit further than we expect to carry out her goals.

This is a reverse harem manhwa so our character is quite lusty for the men. Despite that, she’s physically very cute with pink hair and pale eyes. It’s not my fault her personality is so lust filled…

Carnelia Easter from “Survive As The Hero’s Wife” (This Villainess Wants a Divorce!)
8 Cute Pink-Haired Female Characters In Manhwa
Carnelia Easter 

Despite a cute exterior, this gal is seriously cunning and prepared to defend her husband. Although she can’t physically destroy his obstacles, she’s gained her husband’s trust. For good reasons!

I can never get over how beautiful she is drawn. She’s come such a long way from the initial start of the manhwa, it’s hard to imagine her starting out as a villainess when she’s that precious.

Leylin Efran from “This Is An Obvious Fraudulent Marriage
8 Cute Pink-Haired Female Characters In Manhwa
Leylin Efran

Leylin is so cute and pretty even the evil killer fell in love with her on first sight. He even went so far to make his subordinate out to be podophile so she wouldn’t pick that one.

Now, Leylin isn’t always bright but she’s a good person who just wanted to survive and be able to inherit her title. What she ended up with was a dangerous husband who loves her incredibly much and a higher title than she initially started out with!

Ariadna Lereg Ilestri Pre Agrigent from “Daughter of the Emperor”
8 Cute Pink-Haired Female Characters In Manhwa
Ariadna Lereg Ilestri Pre Agrigent

I decided to include Ariadna because she seems to have a pink tone to her hair, it’s a bit hard to tell in some illustrations. Now, Ariadna is quite pretty with her pink-toned hair and red eyes.

Ariadna is drawn with long luscious hair, enough to make any woman jealous! She also has a cute but naïve personality, which changes in the coming years of her life. She’s definitely spoiled, but kind enough, with a calming effect on her father.

Anissa Lagrange from “The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke”
8 Cute Pink-Haired Female Characters In Manhwa
Anissa Lagrange

Anissa is literally a baby at the start, she can’t be any cuter! Although her mind is technically that of an adult due to her isekai moment, she’s still very much limited to her baby body. She’s trying her best to get on her brother’s side, Dietrich Lagrange. It seems like she’s starting to grow on him a bit!

Ironically, the Lagrange family isn’t one you want to be born into, unfortunately. So let’s hope she survives to adulthood without too much trouble. (Ps. I added the novel cover’s adult form of Anissa since it’s unfair towards other entries to get compared to a baby, kinda).

Which cute pink-haired females are you missing in this list!? Let us know in the comments below!

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