The Cursed Sculpture

The Cursed Sculpture [First Impression]

The Cursed Sculpture begins with a murder of a wife, a disposal of her body and an art student. The art student ends up being there at the wrong time and place.

Alt TitlesDiao su, Diaosu, Diāosù, The Cursed Sculpture, 雕塑, Statue
CreatorsKe Xiao [Kē xiǎo, 柯小] (Author & Artist)
LicensedYes, Pocket Comics, Webcomics
AdaptedNot sure
GenreDramaHorrorMature Warning: Gore/bloodMental / Physical AbuseMurder, Rape / Mentions of Rape, PsychologicalRomanceSlice of LifeSupernaturalThriller
The official title is Sculpture, but since many know it under “The Cursed Sculpture”, that’s what I’ll call it.
The Cursed Sculpture [First Impression]

The Cursed Sculpture Summary

Resentment from another’s unwillingness? Or is it my own?

After an incident, Ye Limei, a student of sculpture, finds herself being stalked by a resentful spirit in one of the sculptures in the boarding school. Supernatural and unstoppable events start occurring one after another…

After Ye Limei discovers the secret behind the sculpture, she instead uses the power to her own advantage — killing those she has long held a grudge against.

With each bout of satisfaction, her mind slowly gets consumed by the spirit of enmity.

The Cursed Sculpture [First Impression]
This story is much more dark than most stories I end up reading. Initially I thought the hired hitman rapes the wife, but I can’t be sure. It just was something he says which feels off…

Anyway, he disposes of the body/half-alive woman and she curses him. Sadly enough, an art student comes into contact with this spirit. You see, she gets mud from a place close by to her campus. Obviously she goes there on the same day and soon after the body is being disposed.

After almost dying, she’s being saved by the same person who hires the hitman! Talk about unlucky luck, for the young woman that is. After an incident, the woman and the art student starts blending together. There’s no clear distinction what is the student and the vengeful spirit.

In the past, the art student, Ye Limei, seems to like sweets but after the incident, she hates it. It’s clear something is up with the spirit and the art student. Yet, no one knows quite yet what will happen. Least of all our art student, who are none the wiser.

I’m not exactly sure what we can expect from the story, but it’s so far interesting. Albeit interesting, it feels a bit slow and dragged out. I suppose it’s meant to drive up the tension, but if you’re not in the mood… it does the opposite.

Overall it seems like a good story about a loner art student, being possessed by a vengeful spirit, The art is pretty darn good and I think it has a lot of potential.

Recommendation: If you like vengeful spirits, this is probably a story for you!

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