The cunning princess and the shark [First Impression]

The Cunning Princess And The Shark starts off with a stunt double falling into the ocean, then mersharks kidnapping her.

Alt TitlesBai Bian Jin Zhi Xi Jiao Ji, Cunning Princess, The Versatile Princess Shark Drama, 百变金枝戏鲛记
CreatorsDi Tang [唐谛] (Author)
Jin She Yao Fen [劲射药粉] (Artist)
GenreComedy,  DramaFantasy, RomanceSupernatural
The Cunning Princess And The Shark [First Impression]

The Cunning Princess And The Shark Summary

Yu Bei, a stunt actress, accidentally falls into the sea and into the territory of the mersharks, the enemy of humans.

To survive, she bluffs that she is a human princess. The mershark hold a sensational underwater “marriage” with the “human princess”, Yu Bei.

All in order for a negotiation to take place between the king and the emperor of the world.

However, the prince never expects he’ll be following Yubei on land and into the drastically changing human world.

He falls into a scam that she reluctantly arranges to take his teardrops so that she can save her father —— And so commences a chaotic historical princess theatrical drama… 

The Cunning Princess And The Shark [First Impression]

Our female protagonist is a stunt-double, who accidentally ends up falling deeper into the ocean water. Her safety line snaps, leaving her to scramble to come up for air. However, she fails and is being kidnapped by mersharks.

Her ability to bluff becomes useful, when she claims she’s a princess from the world above. A marriage proposal is being suggested and she agrees, simply because the other option is death.

It’s clear the series is trying to be funny, with a menacing male lead and a female lead attempting to avoid death. Sadly I haven’t read enough chapters to form a proper opinion just yet.

Final thoughts: Overall the story seems to be a bit of a cringe-fest, but it also has nice art and pacing, so far at least. Might be worth checking out if you like “mersharks”.

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