Crush on You [Recommendation]

Crush on You [Recommendation]

Crush on You tackles the taboo subject of having a crush on a teacher, without making it feel disgusting. Instead the relationship seems sweet and respectful.

Alt TitlesCrush on You (gillzone), First of All Unrequited Love, Mazu wa Kataomoi Kara, まずは片想いから, 재밌니 짝사랑, Jaemissni Jjagsarang  
CreatorsGill Son [gillzone, Son Gil, Son Gill, Songill91, 손길] (Artist & Author)
LicensedYes, Official Translation: EnglishJapanese
GenreComedyDramaRomanceSchool LifeSlice of Life
Crush On You [Recommendation]
Minhee hugging Pilho

Crush On You Summary:

A girl, her guy best friend, and her new teacher.

Ever since her parents died in a car crash, Minhee has lived with Pilho’s family, who openly discriminate against her.

After an unexpected meeting with the new neighbor, Minhee finds herself growing closer to him, telling him all of her worries.

But turns out… he’s a new teacher at her school. Meanwhile, Pilho’s feelings for Minhee grow.

Between the forbidden love and her long-time friend, who will Minhee choose?

Crush On You [Recommendation]
Minhee and Mr. Kang
First and foremost, I want to be an old granny and give a warning to those reading this. Especially to younger people and I know how it’s going to sound. Like I’m a boring old person, but let’s just hear me out.

In my opinion, it’s completely fine having a crush on your teacher BUT only one-sided. The moment a teacher starts paying romantic attention to you, it’s a crime.

These stories may be glamorizing a relationship which can be incredibly harmful to the student. I just want to throw that out there. That being said, it’s fine to make these stories and everything, just as long we can distinguish between fantasy and real life.

I believe Mr. Kang is actually trying his best to put boundaries between them. However, if you care about someone it’s hard to see them suffer alone.

Wanting to comfort them to the best of your abilities leads to something else. It starts off being just nice and then you develop some feelings.

Minhee is very much in a pitiful situation. She’s getting food and board, but it’s clear she’s not exactly being loved by the family. I’m not sure why, but I’m getting the vibe Minhee was sexually abused by the husband of the family.

Her fear towards him is making me sick to the bone. We’ve not gotten any hints beside the trembling, though. And the fact she left the home when Pilho wasn’t home but the husband was. Thankfully runs into Mr. Kang, who is not yet her teacher.

Pilho is a nice brother to Minhee, but obviously he is developing some romantic feelings to her. They’re apparently not even related from what I gathered.

The teacher, mr. Kang is a nice guy who tries to keep his distance from Minhee, but it seems they’re meant to be in this story.

They keep meeting on and off, which eventually piques his interest about her. Hearing her “mom” say to herself she doesn’t like Minhee seems to add to this interest. Maybe the mom dislikes Minhee since she know the husband have been doing something to Minhee? I’m not sure, I could be wrong and I’m speculating.

Minhee is a nice person, despite her shortcomings as a student. She befriends an outcast and helps her with a bullying situation. Even to the point of hurting herself to defend her. It seems this would be a boring side-story, but it’s surprisingly interesting to read. I felt invested in the situation and hurt for the friend.

One of the thing that defines Minhee the most as a person is her inability to go by car or bus. When she was younger, a car accident took her parents away from her. This issue has yet to be resolved, if it ever will be. A trauma can’t be solved that easily. However, it’s clear it’s still traumatic for her as she’s having nightmares about it pretty much every night.

It’s implied Mr. Kang’s sister also passed away, from what I think is a traffic accident. I could be wrong, but it seems she died on the 15th of May. Which happens to be Minhee’s birthday and I think it could also be the day she was in the accident. There seems to be some connection but I’m not fully sure.

So far I’m really liking this story and I’ll continue reading it. I like the plot and the art.

I’m shipping Minhee and Mr. Kang, but partly because they befriended each other before he became the teacher. Had it been after, it would have been more creepy but you know. It’s a webtoon and fantasy, so let’s keep too much judgement to ourselves.

Recommendation: If you’re liking teacher-student love, this may be something for you. Be aware it features car accidents and bullying.

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