Crush of a Lifetime [Recommendation]

Crush of a Lifetime [Recommendation]

“Crush of a Lifetime” wasn’t a story I thought I’d enjoy, but I was wrong. It’s a sweet love story about a girl and boy, who falls in love by being there for each other.

Alt TitlesThe Omniscient Point of View of an Unrequited Love, The Omniscient POV of an Unrequited Love, 全知单恋视角, 전지적 짝사랑 시점, The Omniscient Viewpoint on Crushes
CreatorsJung Ha Rim [정하림] (Author) – Kim Yeon Woo [김연우] (Artist)
Licensed?Yes – Official Chinese Translation, Official English Translation, Official Indonesian Translation, Official French Translation 
NovelNot sure
GenreComedyDramaRomanceSchool Life, Mature Warning: Depression
Crush Of A Lifetime
Thankfully not our male lead

Crush of a Lifetime summary from MU

Hyeji is a famous SNS star with over 100,000 instagram followers. Due to her popularity, Hyeji has received many confessions, but despite that, she doesn’t really have much dating experience.

One day, Hyeji received an invitation to go out on a date with another popular SNS star who she secretly followed.

On the day of the long awaited date, Hyeji couldn’t stand the subtle light coming from the karaoke bar, so she decides to use her feet to take a selfie.
But due to an accident, Ki sung, who was a Part-timer at that time, ended up seeing her in that embarrassing position.

After that Disastrous Date, Hyeji decides to end her first ever relationship. However, on her first day at school, she meets Hae ri. The person who gave her that embarrassing memory.
The typical “romance” fall
I started reading the story feeling like Hyeji was a spoiled princess – as in very unlikable. Yet, as we progress through the story we realize she’s not actually that bad.

Of course, a lot of her actions are based on selfish reasons, I feel like she could have easily given up if she really didn’t care. In later chapters, she visits a bunch of hospitals to find Kisung and his brother.

Kisung is also a nice character who is suffering from his own memories. His parents are dead, so he’s working extra to support his little brother. In reality, I doubt this would be fine if someone found out. In the end, he has an uncle who seems to not care too much about the pair.

The little brother, Hyesung, is such a cute little guy. He once runs to Hyeji, crying for his mom. Turns out Hyeji is using the same cosmetics as their mom used before she passed away. He’s practically acting as a cupid for the two.

Hyeji isn’t without her own issues, too. What I like about this manhwa is the emotional support Hyeji and Kisung are giving each other. They help each other through trauma, without really knowing they’re doing it. I feel like their “love” is pretty solid for being teenagers right now.

Crush Of A Lifetime
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As I previously wrote, Hyeji has her own bag of trauma. Apparently she used to be quite chubby and people commented she looked nothing like her beautiful mom, who was even crowned Miss Korea.

She suffers through hate comments too, but Kisung tries his best to help her get through it. Even so, many of her classmates seem to generally care for her and want her to be happy. It’s nice to see this happen in stories set in school.

I must say I hate the 2nd male lead. He’s so annoying and I get he really like Hyeji, but I feel like he thinks he should have first go at her just because he knew her from the past.

The 2nd male lead psyching out Kisung isn’t really cool either – especially lying or implying Hyeji and him are going on a date. Even with the fact she literally said she likes someone else and her feelings aren’t going to change.

I would probably be quite pissed off and tell him to stop acting like that, but that’s just me.

Overall I’d say this is a pretty decent, slow burning read with some heavier topics. Sometimes the female lead can be a bit annoying, but I still think the story is worth reading due to her family, classmates, Kisung and of course Hyesung!

Recommendation: Read this if you like school romance which take the time to develop.

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