Cultivation Of The Cross Dresser [First Impression]

Cultivation Of The Cross Dresser [First Impression]

Cultivation Of The Cross Dresser is a comedic gender-bender manhua set in a fantasy China. Our protagonist is pretending to be his sister, who is eloping.

Alt TitleCultivation Of The Trap, 女装大佬养成记, Nǚzhuāng dà lǎo yǎng chéng jì, Nu Zhuang Da Lao Yang Cheng Ji
CreatorsShi Tou Ren [Shi to Ren, 石头人, Shítou Rén ]
GenreComedyDramaFantasyGender BenderHistoricalRomance
Cultivation Of The Cross Dresser [First Impression]

Cultivation Of The Cross Dresser Summary

The Su family’s twins, Su Li and Su Lee*, are widely different people. The twin sister Su Li gains admission into a prestigious academy due to her intelligence and test scores.

Even the empress grants her the right to attend this academy. The only issue is she elopes with a foreign merchant, leaving Su Lee to pick up the role she leaves behind.

Su Lee isn’t a girl, however. Instead his parents forces him to attend the academy under the guise of being Su Li.


* In the original manhua, both are technically being called Su Li but with different pronunciations. So now the male is Su Lee and Su Li is the girl.

Cultivation Of The Cross Dresser [First Impression]
As you may guess, this is a comedy story with gender-bender tropes. How lucky the family has two children which are practically identical to each other.

The trope of one twin eloping or running away isn’t unique to this story. It’s a trope occurring in several stories, with one twin having to replace the other.

In Caught by the Villain, Selena’s brother runs away, too. However, in this story our male isn’t able to keep it a secret for long. Su Li’s friend sees him and discovers he’s not actually his sister. She agrees to keeping it quiet but I doubt she’ll be succeeding.

Cultivation Of The Cross Dresser [First Impression]
I’m liking the fact the sister is smart and scores well on the scoreboards. Usually it’s the guys being smart, but it’s interesting to see a girl doing well for herself, too.

Less ideal with her running away, but the heart feels what the heart feels.

Sadly the story seems to focus a lot on comedy, which probably means a subpar plot. It’s very rare a story manages keeping both a good plot and good comedic value.

I’m expecting a bunch of almost-getting caught scenarios interspersed with misunderstandings. Likewise, the art isn’t amazing, but it’s by all means not horrible.

Recommendation: It’s not the worst story out there but it’s not my cup of tea.

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