Crimson Snow [First Impression]

Crimson Snow [First Impression]

Crimson Snow is an interesting tale, featuring a strong female lead and a weak male protagonist. Together they’ll investigate what’s going on with the emperor.

Alt Titles燃如雪, Rán rú xuě, Ran Ru Xue
CreatorsYuwan (Artist & Author)
LicensedYes, Official English Translation
ReleaseUnsure, 2020 perhaps
GenreActionComicsDramaFantasy, HistoricalSupernatural
Crimson Snow [First Impression]

Crimson Snow Summary

The prince is a beautiful, weak, dying young man who is desperate to find anyone who can save him.

Li Siyun, a mysterious girl, appears and brings the near-death prince to her mansion to help.

A dramatic romance set in ancient china in a time of turmoil and unrest!

Crimson Snow [First Impression]

The story starts out with something similar to ancient china. Our protagonist is a the prince of the region, but something is amiss. The palace isn’t how it should be, instead a monster is controlling the minds of the emperor and servants alike.

The prince later on meets Li Siyun, who takes the prince with her to her home. We find out exactly who she is and what her reasons for investigating the palace is.

Turns out she’s an acclaimed war hero/general who returns to see the empire in chaos. Apparently the emperor is acting strangely, not caring who dies or lives in the wars he starts.

I’m enjoying the story quite a bit, both our female lead and male lead are interesting characters. It’s not often we have a power dynamic in this way, where the female is clearly stronger than the man.

You can read this story on the INKR app, which has multiple different comics available to read. We’re not sponsored by them, but any place you can read official translations are good in our eyes!

Recommendation: Overall the story seems interesting and I may have to continue reading it. I’m not 100% sold yet, but maybe I need to read some more first.

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