creepy stories [First Impression]

creepy stories [First Impression]

Creepy Stories is a collection of short stories, creepy pastas and true stories. If you like horror stories, you may want to check this out.

Alt TitlesN/A
CreatorsPurple m0nster
GenreDrama, HorrorPsychologicalSupernaturalThriller

Creepy Stories Summary

Creepy stories is a series of short horror stories, this is perfect for fans of dark stories.

Each story stands alone and some stories are based on true stories. This comic updates every Saturday

Creepy Stories [First Impression]

Now, the content is far from unique per say. These stories exist on the internet in some form or another, but it’s given new life with this comic. The first story is “The Smiling Man“, which is a pretty famous creepypasta.

The way the chapters are created are with both drawn art but also pasted “real life” photos. This works surprisingly well with the series, which is based in real life society.

The art isn’t the best but it’s honestly quite charming, I know the artist can draw well (totally didn’t stalk their Instagram). I kind of like the fact it has a different style since it’s not as “scary”, thus making you more comfortable reading on.

Yet, despite the fact the art definitely keeps you grounded in reality, it’s pretty freaky. It adds a certain element to otherwise quite plain stories.

Sadly enough, the chapters are very choppy and sometimes it feels like the creator should have held off publishing so many and instead compile it into a bigger chapter. Sometimes it works in the favour of the chapter, but otherwise it feels to choppy and draws you out of the story.

I do appreciate the thumbnails for the different stories, it’s looking really nice from a new reader’s perspective.

Recommendation: Check out the webtoon if you like horror stories! It’s quite fun reading the comic if you already know the stories.

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