5 of the Best/Cutest couples in comics

5 of the Best/Cutest couples in comics

Yeonhee Bae and Yikyung Lee from “To Love Your Enemy”

This couple recently became official in the English translation of the webtoon. To be honest, the main reason I like this couple so much is the slow build-up. They went from having an awkward friendship to slowly starting to like one another. I think their relationship is quite good, with good amount of healthy respect for each other.

I won’t say this is an equal relationship where both love each other 100%, because those rarely exist. There’s moments you love someone more, other moments you love them less. It’s part of life. I think Yikyung went through a lot of growth in order to forgive Yeonhee and fall in love with her, which is impressive.

They’re super cute together and I really like this couple. Especially the blushing! It’s just so adorable seeing a guy blush like that.

Princess Yeldriya Viotte Cecilia and Nadricka From “It Looks Like I’ve Fallen Into The World Of A Reverse Harem Game”

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