5 of the Best/Cutest couples in comics

5 of the Best/Cutest couples in comics

We all love some heart-warming couples now that it’s heading towards summer. Here’s “Best Couples In Comics” according to moi. These are couples I just want to keep seeing more and more of!

So without further ado, here are some of the best couples in comics I’ve encountered!

Poppy and Tora from “Midnight Poppy Land
Best Couples In Comics

Say what you want, but they’re a good couple. Poppy feels secure enough to even paint his nails and he’s ready to kill for her (I assume). He’s such a cutie and behaves like she’s the only thing existing in the world. The way he looks at her, the way he respects her. It’s just so heart-warming to see!

Even before falling for Poppy, Tora is a nice guy. He may be involved in the mob, but that doesn’t mean he’s meant to be there. He has a kind heart and soul, which sadly is being used by others.

Poppy is also healing due to Tora. Her previous boyfriend seemed embarrassed by her, such as when she made a bento box. However, Tora is gladly showing it off, revelling in the fact she took effort to make something for him. He’s proud of her and wants to show everyone how much he loves her!

Best Couples In Comics

Yet, he also respects her boundaries and never once continues when she asks him to stop. This is such a nice thing to see in webtoons and comics, where I’ve seen a lot of the opposite.

They’re the cutest couple I’ve seen and I just love them so much! So far we’re STILL waiting on a new season, which is quite heart breaking for me as a huge fan.

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