Isn't the contrast cute? [First Impression]

Isn’t the contrast cute? [First Impression]

Isn’t The Contrast Cute? is apparently about contrast, allegedly between the housemates. Our protagonist’s father rents out his home to students.

Alt TitlesFan Cha Meng Bu Meng, Fǎnchā Méng Bù Méng, Isn’t the Contrast Cute?, 反差萌不萌, Fancha Meng Bu Meng, Fancha Mengbumeng  
CreatorsHungry Studio [Chi Bao Fan Gongchang, Hungry, Hungry Studios, 吃饱饭工厂]
Zhīyīn dòngmàn [Zhiyin dongman, 知音动漫]
GenreComedyDramaGender BenderPsychologicalRomanceSchool LifeSlice of Life,
Isn't The Contrast Cute? [First Impression]

Isn’t The Contrast Cute? Summary

It’s all about contrast here!

The most handsome boy at school, who seems cold and arrogant, is actually afraid of talking to girls! The gentle and talented top student is really the cold-blooded prince of a gang!

The carefree and unkept girl, is, in fact, a young lady from a billionaire family! The sharp and sexy senior is a girl who can’t resist cute things!
Their so-called ‘super stern’ teacher is, in reality, a fujoshi who ships her own students!

Jiang Zhiling just wanted to find a part-time job and make some pocket money to support her father’s pursuit of invention.

By accident, she discovered who all these people really were underneath their masks. Soon, she began to think she was attending a school filled with fakers!
Contrast Cute
Still cute
It seems our female protagonist is moving in with her dad again. He’s a single dad, due to his wife leaving him. To make ends meet, he’s renting out rooms to students, which forces him to live in a storeroom.

One of the students that rents one of the room is horribly afraid of females due to some traumatic childhood. This means our female protagonist is forced to cut her hair, otherwise he’ll move out! Originally I felt like this was so cheesy, but I kind of understand where he’s coming from. Although the demand is quite mean.

I liked the story, but at the same time it seems the protagonist is just an attraction to tell the stories of the others. For instance, the popular guy in school is actually a gamer, who sits alone in a dark room.

The remaining two people seems to be similar, in the way they’re hiding their personalities. We’ve yet seen that, but I suppose it can be funny to discover that.

Recommendation: I’m not hating the story, but I can’t say I’m loving it so far.

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