Hey! Be More Confident [First Impression]

Hey! Be More Confident is quite a sad story, about a girl who can’t recognize faces. With a dipping confidence, she meets a friend from the past.

Alt Titles嘿!自信点, 嘿!自信點, Hēi! Zìxìn diǎn, Hei! Zi Xin Dian
CreatorsYang Gu Gu [羊咕咕, Yáng gū gū]
GenreDramaRomanceSchool Life
Hey! Be More Confident [First Impression]

Hey! Be More Confident Summary

Gu Ge just return home to meet the girl that’s always on his mind, Bai Yu, who’s unable to recognize him due to her suffering from face recognition loss.

After a few days of getting along, Gu Ge found that she is no longer as cheerful and lively as before.

Why did she lose her light, and what is she experiencing? The girl who suffers from prosopagnosia and the boy who sets his mind to heal it.

When we were young, it was you who taught me about self-confidence.

Now, it’s time for me to teach you. Hey! Be more confident. A redemption story is about to unfold.

Hey! Be More Confident [First Impression]
Hey! Be More Confident is a story about a girl who loses her ability to recognize faces.

It’s a real condition but I’m not sure how it presents itself to the people suffering from it.

In the manhua, the series portray her condition with faces being blurry and non-recognizable.

Anyway, our female lead is losing her confidence with her condition. She ends up wanting to pursue art again, which means she needs to ask for permission from her step-mother.

Hey! Be More Confident [First Impression]
Thankfully the step-mother isn’t too evil and agrees, so female lead can go the school.

Once at the art training studio, she thinks she may have come to the wrong place.

Overall the place looks a bit down on its luck, but it seems there’s an art studio there. People judge her because she just comes in mid-term.

However, she’s soon meeting a previous friend who defends her against the rude people in the art studio.

Final thoughts: I quite like the story and the condition our female lead has. It’s something I haven’t seen a lot before.

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