A Compendium of Ghosts [Horror Month]

A Compendium Of Ghosts is definitely an interesting horror anthology series. It’s very unique in terms of art and plot, but it’s not bad!

Alt TitlesSingirok, 신기록
CreatorsLee Yul, 리율
Genre Drama,  Fantasy, HistoricalHorrorMature Warning: Drugs / AlcoholMental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted Murder, Rape / Mentions of Rape, Psychological, Supernatural
A Compendium Of Ghosts

A Compendium Of Ghosts Summary

The untold stories of spirits.

Sejin, a shaman’s daughter, and Sang, who was teased for being easily scared, are childhood friends.

Years later, Sang returns as a huntsman, but Sejin notices that a mysterious black ghost is trailing him.

Will Sejin, who seems to be the only one to see the ghost, be able to save Sang and the huntsmen from the spirits that plague their village?

A Compendium Of Ghosts is a very interesting anthology series, set in the far east

Our female lead is called Sejin and she’s the daughter of the village’s Shaman. In this world, the villagers worship gods and treat their hunting prey with great respect. Well, most of the villages do this but not all of them.

However, many of these stories also reveal the nasty nature of humanity. Some of the stories are honestly more sad and pitiful than anything else.

Our female lead may be the focus on the story, but many others are also in the focus.

For instance, Sang, ends up being followed by a ghost due to accepting company from a Kisaeng (a courtesan of sorts).

However, our female lead uses her knowledge to make the ghost disappear.

I must say the story’s art isn’t great if you like newer styles in manhwa series. However, I’m quite liking it but the biggest issue is that the text is a bit too small.

As for the stories, I enjoy reading about the ghosts and the folklore. The stories always start slowly and up getting really interesting towards the end.

The stories aren’t necessarily horror or scary, but there’s a certain eeriness in the pages. The fact ghosts are so common in these stories definitely makes you wonder what would happen if you lived in the same world.

Final thoughts: If you like folklore from Asia, this could be for you!

This is part of Otomenai’s horror month, where we share some interesting horror comics during the month of October.

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