The Tyrant’s Comfort Doll [1st Impression]

The Tyrant’s Comfort Doll feels a bit meh so far, but I’m holding out hope for a few more chapters. The title is really misleading, too.

Alt TitlesLa Muñeca Amada Por El Tirano, The Tyrant’s Beloved Doll, The Tyrant’s Last Doll, 폭군의 애착인형
CreatorsBaek Yideum (Author)
Yeonjoo (Artist)
LicensedYes, Official English
AdaptedProbably a novel
GenreDramaFantasyHistoricalMature Warning: Drugs / AlcoholMental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted Murder, Gore/blood, RomanceTime Travel
Comfort Doll

The Tyrant’s Comfort Doll Summary

Legend has it that a man with black hair and red eyes will bring ruin to Den Helder’s royal family.

Because he was born with these features, Rayton is shunned by the palace as “the cursed one.” When the vengeful prince stages a bloody coup detat years later, the powerless youngest princess, Setz, also dies by his sword.

Little does Setz know that she’s about to wake up in her body five years in the past– but now that she has, it’s her chance to get on Rayton’s good side and turn her fate around.

Cracking the prince’s cold exterior is a challenge, but once she does, there seems to be no going back!

As Rayton grows more and more attached to her, Setz is pulled deeper into the midst of the dark conspiracies brewing around the palace. Has the princess truly escaped death, or is she in more danger than ever before?

The Tyrant's Comfort Doll
The title of The Tyrant’s Comfort Doll is sounding so wrong, but I suppose it does make sense in some way.

Before you ask, no. Setz isn’t necessarily some type of s*x doll but I assume the title means he takes comfort in her presence alone.

This is a time travel comic, so Setz ends up dying due to Rayton’s rampage. He hates people with blue eyes and blonde hair, so basically he hates the female lead.

However, the female lead isn’t evil or bad in any way. She’s also mistreated and hated by everyone, including her mother.

The Tyrant's Comfort Doll [1st Impression]
The reason for getting close to Rayton isn’t altruistic, but the result is clear anyway.

Rayton is probably not her real brother, so he’s most likely the male lead. The main hints are the fact he’s not similar to any of the female lead’s siblings, at all.

Overall the art is so-so, I’m not a huge fan of it. The art reminds me of another manhwa series, which I’m having troubles remembering. It was also a time travel story, but the art was slightly similar.

I don’t think I’ve written about it so I can’t really link to it sadly.

Final thoughts: The story feels like something I’ve seen time and time again. It’s not bad, but it’s just nothing sticking out to me.

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