Collide [First Impression]

I was surprised to find out Collide is made by the same person as “Survival Marriage.” Sadly, Collide seems less unique and filled with more clichés.

Alt Titles부딪치다, budijchida
CreatorsWann (JI Wan, Джи Ван, 지완) [Artist & Author]
LicensedYes, NetComicsTappytoonMangaToonMantaPocket Comics
AdaptedNot that I know
GenreActionDramaFinished MangaRomanceSupernatural

Collide Summary from MU

Fateful encounter between Joy, the girl with special gene, and Moowon, the top class super abilities.

An average girl Joy suddenly beomes the target of super powers due to her generic trait that she never knew before.
Moowon, a highest-level super power, is sent to protect Joy.

However, Joy’s gene makes him strongly attracted to her no matter how much his rationality resists it.
Collide [First Impression]

So the creator, Wann, has made two more comics I’ve read and found relatively enjoyable. Survival Marriage and “Give to The Heart“. This creator is being active since 1997. At that year, I was about 3 years old. Not to make her feel old or anything.

The premise of the plot seems very cliché and I feel like I’ve seen this several times before. We have a supernatural fight and the guy ends up kissing our female lead. We have the word “zero” being tossed around and we’re just questions signs throughout a good portion of the beginning.

Somehow, these people who have abilities are attracted to these zeroes. When Jo initially arrives at a prestigious school, she’s being confused and overjoyed at the same time. Only to be even more confused when 10 guys are asking her out.

For some reason, I’m getting a bit of “Please Don’t Eat Me” vibes where the main character is attracting magicians. Except Jo is like a magnet for these other people.

Overall the beginning didn’t impress me a lot, but I still don’t hate this series. Right now there’s other series I’m more interested in reading but I might come back to this one.

The main cool-off is really the male lead, though. The way he is actively trying to push himself away from her feels, once again, like such a cliché. We all know it’s going to fail, badly. I suppose he has his reasons for it, but the way it’s presented feels like it’s just brushed over.

This leads me to the dialogue. Although I don’t hate it, sometimes we get a bit too much information, too fast. It’s not necessarily the best way to give this information without having the readers forget everything.

Overall, I think this one isn’t too bad. I might be coming back to reading this once I have time. Many have said they like it, although it has some issues.

Recommendation: If you like Wann comics, this one might be a good one. Check it out, since it seems it has potential.

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