Closer Heartbeat [Recommendation]

Closer Heartbeat [Recommendation]

Closer Heartbeat is a surprisingly cute story about a childhood friendship, slowly turning into a blossoming love.

Alt TitlesAsymptotic Heartbeat, Gradually Close to Heart, Gradually Close to the Heart, 渐近的心跳
CreatorsJuzhi [橘枳, Ju Zhi] (Artist & Author)
LicensedYes, Webcomics & Pocket Comics
Release2018 (Complete with 90+ chapters)
GenreComedy, DramaPsychologicalRomanceSchool LifeSlice of Life
Closer Heartbeat [Recommendation]

Closer Heartbeat Summary from MU

An accidental meeting brought the lonely Su Ye and the perfect prince Zheng Shu together which created brand new feelings.

The interaction and feelings between the two were originally familiar made their heart beat. Can there really be a pure friendship between a male and a female?

Closer Heartbeat [Recommendation]
If you like school life stories with childhood romances, this may be just for you. Initially the plot seems very basic and it is, yet despite that it’s also very enjoyable.

Our female lead, Su Ye, is what you’d consider Kudere (I think that’s the term) or a Dandere. She’s easily brushing off his jokes and showing slight aggression towards him. Yet she’s quite flustered on the inside. So maybe she’s more like a Bodere? Honestly, I got no clue but it’s quite fun to read about all the -dere types.

She doesn’t dislike speaking from what I can tell, but she’s a bit of a blunt character who tells what she thinks to the point of being rude. To our male lead, Zheng Shu, she’s quite a talker but she’s not exactly giving off vibes she likes him.

Furthermore, like I previously wrote, our female lead is usually very honest and not afraid to stand up to what she considers right. This does get her into trouble, but it’s also a charming side of her.

I really like this manhua, since it’s so good at showing the emotional turmoil our female character is undergoing. She rather goes away than interrupt her childhood friend and another friend of his. Of course, we can almost guarantee our male lead is actually liking the female lead quite a bit.

Closer Heartbeat [Recommendation]
Our potential love rival?!

I actually think the story would have been great even without the romance. Imagine just a nice story about childhood friends in school. They have their own thing going for them, so it would have been fun to see.

Anyway, I really like the interactions between Su Ye and Zheng Shu. It seems like a healthy relationship where they’re paying attention to each other’s feelings and moods, as well as trying their best for them.

Recommendation: Yes! Definitely read this manhua. It’s super sweet and the art is pretty great, too.

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