Cinderella Wasn’t Me [1st Impression]

Cinderella Wasn’t Me starts off nicely, but I’m not sure where it’s going. It feels like a mix between Kill The Villainess and I Bid You Adieu.

Alt TitlesI Wasn’t Cinderella, 신데렐라는 내가 아니었다
CreatorsGwaaen, G-ANNE, 과앤 (Author)
Kim Peul (Artist)
GenreDramaFantasy,  HistoricalMature WarningMental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted MurderRomance
Cinderella Wasn't Me

Cinderella Wasn’t Me Summary

People called Terryl ‘Cinderella.’

It was meant to be a charming nickname for her, who was a mere Baron’s daughter before falling in love with the second son of a Marquis.

However one day, he abruptly bid adieu, leaving Terryl wounded by her lover’s betrayal.

And suddenly, the so-called ‘King of the North,’ Duke of Rihan, stood in front of her.

He identified himself as Terryl’s biological father, whom she assumed was no longer alive.

Because she became the Duke’s daughter overnight, she had to put in a lot of work to become the Duke’s successor!

* * * *
Three years later, Terryl, seeking vengeance on her ex-lover, offers Cesio, the Marquis’ eldest son, a contract of engagement to take away what her former lover desired most, the title of ‘Marquis.’

“I want an engagement with Young Lord Cesio.”

“All right, take full advantage of me.”

As the two were engaged, they became more aware of one another, and as Terryl becomes closer to Cesio, she learns an unexpected secret about him…

‘Terryl,’ who became the Duke’s heir overnight, and ‘Cesio,’ who inherited the Marquisate after being engaged to her.
Will ‘Cinderella’ find love by the end of this tale?

Cinderella Wasn't Me
Cinderella Wasn’t Me starts off with a female lead being pitiful, abandoned by her fiancé.

However, she returns home to find a strange man claiming to be her father.

Turns out the mother had a love affair with the father (just them, not a love triangle). Due to some misunderstandings, she ran away and he was unable to track her down.

She gave birth to a child, namely our female lead. The FL goes through life thinking she’s a bastard, when in reality she’s actually the heiress to a large dukedom (or duchy, whatever it’s called).

Basically, she’s rich and powerful. And she’s ready to take revenge on her previous fiancé by marrying someone who can kick him off his throne.

Cinderella Wasn't Me
The male lead isn’t exactly a person I can fully sympathies with, since he’s fishy.

It seems like he’s some type of magician and he can both move and talk. Despite this, he pretends to be a cripple, for at least 20 years!

Needless to say, things are taking a turn for the weird!

The art is overall pretty good, with the female lead being drawn incredibly beautiful. Even the female lead’s father is looking hot, like Sephiroth almost.

Final thoughts: I really want to like this one, but I’m feeling like it’s slipping off my interest slowly. Still, might be worth checking out!

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