Cheoyong: A Ghostly Romance [Recommendation]

Cheoyong: A ghostly romance [Recommendation]

Cheoyong: A Ghostly Romance is a story about ghosts, curses and romance between two different people. A love story where two people are healing each other.

Alt Titles호로 로맨스: 처용, Horror Romance: Cheoyong  
CreatorsLEE Yoonmi [이윤미] (Author)
Moyun [모연] (Artist)
LicensedYes, Official English Translation
AdaptedProbably OG novel
Genre DramaFantasyHorror, Mature Warning: Depression, Murder / Attempted Murder, Gore/blood,  RomanceSupernatural
Cheoyong: A Ghostly Romance [Recommendation]

Cheoyong: A Ghostly Romance Summary

An unexpected ghostly romance.

Jaehee, who has been able to see ghosts his entire life, will do anything for money.

So he doesn’t miss an opportunity when he hears of Cheoyong, the ghost able to grant any and all sorts of fortunes.

Instead, what he finds is a sleepwalking girl possessed by Cheoyong…

What is this all about?
Cheoyong: A Ghostly Romance [Recommendation]
Cheoyong: A Ghostly Romance features a woman who is sleepwalking a lot and a man who can see ghosts.

In one of her sleepwalking moments, she meets Jaehee who saves her from a ghost.

Jaehee is a person who can see and expel ghosts, but he’s been traumatised several times in the past.

Likewise, our female lead Lee Yeojin has been traumatised by others before, too. Together they start healing together.

Cheoyong: A Ghostly Romance [Recommendation]
During the time they meet, they somehow end up dating. As they’re dating, we see some changes in between the two which is lovely to see.

As more time progresses, we find out the aunt may not be completely innocent, either. Something is going on since Yeojin’s “energy” doesn’t seem to be natural.

With her dark energy, it’s clear she’s attracting more ghosts than normal and having bad luck. Jaehee is also investigating the death of a ghost’s son, and somehow the aunt is connecting with this death.

Final thoughts: The story is about 40 chapters long. It’s interesting and quite different from what I normally read. I quite like the relationship between our main characters.

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