You can’t change a person [First Impression]

You Can’t Change A Person isn’t too bad but I’m not loving it, at all. In fact, it’s quite annoying to read and the protagonist is frustrating.

Alt TitlesHumans Can’t Be Changed!, People Don’t Change, Sarameun gochyeo Sseuneun ge Aaniya!, 사람은 고쳐 쓰는 게 아니야!
CreatorsYeomra [Yeomla, 염라] (Author)
Gu Il-ha [Goo Il Ha, 구일하]
LicensedOfficial English Translation
AdaptedNovel, I think
GenreFantasy, HistoricalRomance, Comedy
You Can’t Change A Person [First Impression]

You Can’t Change A Person Summary

As the very first human to step foot in this world, Darjeeling is showered with love and admiration. But instead of spreading the love she receives, she keeps it all for herself inside a treasure chest.

Then one day, God descends from the skies and takes her treasure chest away. Until she can find the answer to his riddle, Darjeeling must wander the earth forever, drifting from one soul to the next.

This time, she finds herself trapped inside a body of a young princess, which means she must first learn how to walk and talk before she can even go hunting for clues.

Then there are her new “friends”… a group of children whose idea of fun is running around and screaming at the top of their lungs.

Is her new life doomed from the start? Or will she discover a way to finally break her curse? 

You Can’t Change A Person [First Impression]
I’m not loving the story, I’ll start off with that.

The plot is interesting but the main female lead is annoying. She seems to be so dead-set on taking shortcuts, which is frustrating.

The story is a bit all over the place, sadly. We see the female lead talking to an older woman, who turns out to be an empress or something. Then she becomes the empress and her loyal count or duke, then ends up being her dad in the next life.

It’s just a bit of a confusing mess in the first few chapters, but it’s possible it’ll pick up the pace later on. It’s very confusing initially and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be a straight road onward.

I have an issue with the name, too. It’s like a name of a tea and a pickle, a tea pickle? It’s just so stupid it’s making me cringe so far.

Final thoughts: I’m not loving the story and I will not continue the story. However, it’s quite interesting nonetheless.

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