Carrier Falcon Princess [Recommendation]

Carrier Falcon Princess is about a princess turning into a messenger bird. How will she survive in this war-filled world?

Alt TitlesCavier Falcon Princess, Herald Princess, 전령새 왕녀님, The Falcon Princess
CreatorsHanlyui?[한류이] (Author)
Coin [동전, Dongjeon] (Artist)
GenreDramaFantasy, Mature Warning:  Gore/blood,  Mental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted MurderRomance
Carrier Falcon Princess [Recommendation]

Carrier Falcon Princess Summary

The 8th Princess of Roymonde, Zelleine, escapes in time amidst the chaos but she wakes up in a bird’s body instead of a princess’s?

Even worse, the bird she “transmigrates” into is the messenger falcon of the bloodless and tearless General ‘Valhayle’.

She starts a journey for her country and to find her real body, but she keeps getting involved with the General and a red warning sign flashes in her life.

Human or bird, life is hard.

Carrier Falcon Princess [Recommendation]
Carrier Falcon Princess is a bit different, in the way the story focuses on the princess in her bird form.

I absolutely love the interactions between herself as a bird and the general. It’s hilarious to see how they’re interacting with each other and something starts growing between them!

I also really like the fact the story is set up in such a way we’re not receiving all the information at once. Instead, she’s privy to snippets but not the full picture. Just like how the princess is experiencing the world and the situation.

As for the actual plot, the history part of the story is quite confusing. Basically our protagonist is one of many, many children and she’s keeping herself out of the way.

A way hits and she’s practically bait, allowing her sisters and future heirs to escape by sacrificing her own life.

Not necessarily because she wants to, I guess. I suppose that’s just how she’s expecting her life to end, but instead she ends up becoming a bird.

She has her own thoughts about the situation, most of them stemming from abuse. She’s seemingly always out of the way, not wanting to bother others. This is her way of surviving in the palace, where most is not going to bat an eye if she dies.

When she’s a bird, I think the princess feels free for the very first time in her life.

Can you imagine, being able to fly and feel the wind in your wings? Of course she has to worry about being shot down, but at least she’s free for a bit.

Recommendation: Yes! Give this a read if you can, it’s really great so far!

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