Can't Love You

Can’t Love You [First Impression]

Can’t Love You is a typical manhua with a stupid plot. At least the art is good, but it doesn’t save a sinking ship from ruin.

Alt TitleBu keyi ai ni, Bù kěyǐ ài nǐ, 不可以爱你
Creators Zaya [札雅, Zhaya]
Adapted DramaMature Warning: Mental / Physical Abuse, RomanceSlice of Life
Can't Love You [First Impression]

Can’t Love You Summary

The gambler stepfather owes a debt, and the poor woman mainly uses herself to pay back!

What? Wrap up the package and also arrange work?

The young woman must be a good friend. Since then, she has embarks on the “pit” of creditor debt.

Can't Love You [First Impression]
I got no clue what the hell that summary is. Basically female lead’s dad hits the fiancé of some celeb with his car.

The father is a gambler and wants to sell their house to pay off his debt, so she’s basically selling herself to avoid it.

I suppose he hires her for something else than being an escort, but I gave up before that happens.

Can’t Love You is a typical manhua with a relatively common plot. Our male lead’s fiancé gets hit by a car, due to her own fault if I’m not mistaken. Her fiancé sees this, and vows to take revenge on the driver and his daughter.

I’m fully understanding of the fact he wants revenge, but it’s hardly the daughter’s fault her dad hit someone. This is what I hate with manhua, the logic isn’t exactly on point usually.

Apparently the daughter’s father is trying to sell the house belonging originally to her mother. Her mother is dead, which means she has little to remember her by. She somehow runs into this celebrity/fiancé of the girl in a coma, and sells her virginity to him.

Of course, she passes out or something before he can do the deed. At this point I’m just done with the manhua, the plot is so stupid. I’ll take a guess and say our male lead is going to be falling in love with the female lead, too.

Recommendation: I don’t know, you can be reading if you want to be laughing at a poor plot. It’s not good, but at least the art is decent enough.

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