Brothers of Cinderella [First Impression]

Brothers of Cinderella [First Impression]

Brothers of Cinderella seems to be an interesting but mature remake of the classic story of “Cinderella”. I’ve tried reading this story on Pocket Comics but I’m not fully sure if I like it.

Alt Titles신데렐라 오빠들
CreatorsHAN Nyang [한냥] (Author) – L.Y [엘와이] (Artist)
LicensedYes, Pocket ComicsCopin ComicsLezhin
AdaptedNot that I know
GenreDrama Mature Warning: Rape / Mentions of Rape, Smut Psychological,  Romance
Brothers Of Cinderella [First Impression]
Wish it was boiling tea instead

Brothers Of Cinderella summary of MU

From outside, Joyce has a loving family. However, after her father’s death, everything changes to the worst.

Her stepmother and her brothers start to abuse her.

In the end, Joyce runs away and hides from them. She thought that was the end of it. But one night, her older stepbrother pays her a little visit with a proposition.

He wants Joyce to seduce a prince charming. In order to do so, she must endure the harsh training to become worthy of her target.

Brothers Of Cinderella [First Impression]
I think this is the same manhwa, hard to tell.
The story has potential and I can fully understand why our Cinderella has gone back to the family.

She really wants to save her uncle but needs money. So she goes back to her family and some odd plans set in motion.

In order to get the money she’s supposed to seduce another man, whom I assume is a threat to that family. Apparently he liked Joyce in the past or something.

It seems all males are interested in Joyce but she’s definitely not loving the situation. The male characters are sleazy and not exactly nice. Although I haven’t read many chapters, I’m still not really loving this story.

So, I kind of was enjoying the remake, but it was hard with the abuse going on. I also didn’t like the art too much. The women have huge boobs but seem to lack any great characteristics.

This reminds me of those stories that just have a plot to justify the sexual scenes.

Recommendation: Eh… I suppose you can check it out but don’t expect anything great from it.

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