Follow the Bread Crumbs [First Impression]

Follow The Bread Crumbs starts out interestingly enough, but it soon dips and I lose my interest. It might be worth reading anyway, but not for me.

Alt TitlesFollow the Breadcrumbs, Raised And Eaten, รักหมดใจ ยัยแม่มด, 키워서 잡아먹혔다
CreatorsSoreumidang [소름이당] (Author)
Gyuni (Artist)
GenreComedyDramaFantasy, Mature Warning: Mental / Physical AbuseRomance, HistoricalIsekai
Follow The Bread Crumbs [First Impression]

Follow The Bread Crumbs Summary

I’m the Gingerbread House witch!

I possessed Yielle Frank, the witch from Hansel and Gretel! I didn’t want to die like in the original story, so I took good care of the children and sent them off.

But ten years later, Hansel returns, all grown up…

“Am I still just a kid to you? Please don’t run away.”

Follow The Bread Crumbs starts out interesting enough but I quickly lose interest in the story.

Our female lead is an isekai protagonist, becoming the witch of the fairytale Hansel and Gretel.

Instead of eating the children, she sort-of becomes a caretaker of them. She saves them from their abusive step-mother and leave the village.

It seems the story is put in the fairytale worlds, since we also meet Rapunzel and her “mother”. It seems the witches aren’t evil beings in this world, but who knows.

However, it’s soon clear the female lead is going to have issues with hunters coming from her.

Knowing how stories go, he’s probably going to be the 2nd male lead.

I’m not hating the story, but sadly it loses excitement as soon as they go on the run. I know this is supposed to be the exciting part, but it’s really not.

Furthermore, the art isn’t exactly the best either. Although it’s passing the marks, it’s not overly amazing.

Final thoughts: The story is fun up until a point, then it becomes a bit tedious and repetitive.

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