The Boys of Summer [First Impression]

The Boys of Summer [First Impression]

The Boys of Summer is an interesting sci-fi story. A man’s blood is useful against zombies, so he’s their guardian angel.

Alt TitlesLos Chicos del Verano, Summer Boys, 여름소년가, Yeoleum Sonyeonga
CreatorsBakha [PARK Ha, 박하] (Author)
GenreActionDramaHorrorMature Warning: Gore/bloodMental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted MurderPsychologicalSci-FiShounen Ai/ YaoiThriller
The Boys Of Summer [First Impression]

The Boys Of Summer Summary

33 years since the world fills up with zombies. However, a boy named Lee Ji-seung, whose blood can heal zombies, appears.

For this, he is receiving worship as a guardian angel to his people.

Ji Seung, who admires the Zero era is strangely attracted to a man. The man awakens from his hibernation and goes by the name of Jeon Ho-gyeong.

I initially didn’t bother reading the summary of The Boys Of Summer, which left me feeling confused.

Without a summary, the story was slightly confusing to read. However, the story is being revealed bit by bit, which makes it feel like a natural progression.

Our protagonist choses a newly awakened solider and decides he’s going to be his bodyguard. Without actually knowing it himself, the bodyguard is sought out by our protagonist.

The relationship feels rushed and like it’s progressing too quickly. However, memories seem to suggest the two may have known each other before or something.

The first few pages of the manhwa focuses mostly on our protagonist. We’re seeing him having a birthday cake, looking bandaged up by too many bandages. We’re later on finding out he’s giving blood to create some type of serum. This serum is useful against the zombie virus.

Our protagonist, Ji Seung, is even stating his saliva is containing antibodies

Thus he can share antibodies with anyone by kissing them and exchanging saliva. Of course he kisses the male lead eventually. I assume this will have a huge impact on the story in the future.

Our protagonist is seemingly quite carefree. I’m doubting that’s all there is to his personality. The last cliffhanger I was reading is really cool and it makes me feel nervous reading onward.

It’s very clear something is not right in this haven and there’s more going on behind the scenes than we think. The doctor is showing his true colors and it seems there’s no love between the two.

Overall I’m liking this story and I hope you’ll like it, too. It’s definitely different and special, which is quite nice for a change.

Recommendation: If you’re liking sci-fi stories, zombies, shounen-ai and dystopian society you’re probably going to love this!

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