The Bond that ties us

The Bond that ties us [First Impression]

The Bond That Ties Us is a story featuring BDSM, without any real sexual content. It’s really just bondage and dominance, which is interesting.

Alt Titles무명시기
CreatorsRose [Jang Mi, Jangmi, 장미] (Author)
SEOLLLEM [SEOL Dong Won, SEOL Dong-won, 설동원] (Artist)
LicensedOfficial English Translation
GenreDramaMature WarningPsychologicalRomanceSlice of Life
The Bond That Ties Us [First Impression]

The Bond That Ties Us Summary

The special bond between a seemingly perfect guy and girl next door.

The Bond That Ties Us [First Impression]
I’m not exactly a person who has experience with things pertaining to “The Bond That Ties Us”.

However, I do know it has to do a lot with trust and consent. Everything is supposed to be talked through and trust is needed between parties.

Yet that’s not what happens in this story and that’s fine, too. At least in the beginning because if you’re both new to it, I get mistakes happen. However, despite that we’re not exactly seeing a lot of development.

The Bond That Ties Us [First Impression]
Our female lead almost outed her partner at least twice by accident. Despite him being clear he’s not wanting everyone to know about it.

I get that the female character is inexperienced, but she also seems to be quite ignorant. It’s like she doesn’t want to learn or realize what she’s doing is harmful.

So yes, I get ignorance but you would or should, think about your partner. Not even as BDSM partners, but as a person of moral integrity.

As for the art, it’s decent at best. The art clearly suffers from some anatomically incorrectness and weird angles, yet it’s decent. I quite like our characters and their design.

So overall, some things don’t feel quite right with this story but I can understand some of the motivations. Yet, I feel like our female lead is unlikable because she’s too headstrong and doesn’t think things through.

She’s not afraid to apologize, but she communicates poorly with her sub. He is likewise not good at communication, which is quite a bad combination.

Recommendation: Worth to take a look at, but don’t expect a great BDSM story.

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