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Bloody Sweet [Recommendation]

Bloody Sweet a romantic vampire tale, featuring a bullied high school girl. Despite the supernatural setting, it’s about coming to terms with yourself.

Alt TitlesHoney Blood, Bloody Sweet, ハニーブラッド, 你的血很甜, 허니 블러드
CreatorsLEE NaRae [L rㄹH, LEE Na Rae, LEE Na-Rae, 이 나 래]
LicensedYes, English: TappytoonPocket ComicsMantaWeComics & FrenchJapanese
Genre ComedyDramaHistoricalMature WarningMurderGoreSuicide PsychologicalRomance
Bloody Sweet
We hate her… wicked woman

Bloody Sweet Summary

“You smell delicious. Can I have a bite?”

A girl bullied by her classmates accidentally discovers a magical cabinet inside an abandoned church. She is surprised to find a man fall out from the cabinet and lick the blood off her bleeding knees. As she runs away, a mysterious string trails behind her with no end in sight. Where does it lead?
Bloody Sweet [Recommendation]
The first season of this webtoon was quite great in my opinion. I loved how the topic of bullying and how realistic it was made out to be.

Even the limited justice felt “right”, at least in terms of realism. Sadly, justice won’t come for everyone regardless how much we want it.

As I’ve heard from others, the 2nd season of this series felt rushed. I’d have to agree, but not without saying it’s still a good webtoon.

The entire aspect of shamans and Asian folklore is very much interesting to me. I have yet a few chapters to read, but I’m nearly at the ending.

From what I’ve seen, it didn’t seem like certain things the mother was afraid of actually came to pass. in fact, it doesn’t get managed again in any meaningful or sinister way.

Bloody Sweet
I am unsure why that is, maybe I’m still not seeing it because I have about 10 chapters left. Maybe I’m missing it? In my opinion, the first season feels dedicated to Naerim more than anyone else.

We see her struggle with bullying, self-esteem and self-confidence issues. She finds solace and support from the least likely person. A vampire who wants her blood to turn into a human.

I felt like the romance was a bit tip-toed around. We were given a few kisses and hugs, but until chapter 74 we’ve not really had a major point where they’re together. Like, as equal partners. Maybe it’s coming further on, but I’m not sure.

We’ve been hinted at Vlad Fetechou’s past throughout the series via flashbacks. But it’s not until season 2 his story gets really talked about, sadly it feels like they were rushing through it.

The villainess of the story (season 1) is also unlikable from the get go, but she’s a stark contrast with Naerim’s character and personality. We probably hate her, and that makes Naerim’s sacrifice to NOT take revenge all the more mature and strong.

Recommendation: Despite a bit rushed towards season 2, it’s still highly enjoyable story. Be aware of bullying, since it’s quite heart-breaking and almost leads to a suicide.

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