Bloody Marriage [First Impression]

Bloody Marriage [First Impression]

Bloody Marriage starts off interesting with a murder mystery of a soon-to-be bride. Then we all of a sudden get a body switch and a very confused police.

Alt Titles블러디 메리지
CreatorsJEONG Sejin [정세진, JUNG Sejin] (Author) – KIM Noeul [김노을] (Artist)
LicensedNot in English – Original Webtoon, Official Indonesian Translation
NovelI think there’s a novel available in Korean
GenreBody Switching, DramaFantasyHistorical, Mature Warning: MurderRomanceSupernatural

Summary of Bloody Marriage

Scarlett was a happy girl. With beautiful looks, a wealthy family, and even a kind fiancé, Scarlett was expected to be the most beautiful bride in the world. But on the morning of her wedding day, the pure-white bride was killed by someone. When she opened her eyes again, everything was different.

“I’ve told you many times before. It’s because I’m Scarlett Antwerp!”

“I’m sorry, but the Esteemed Daughter of the Count, Lady Entwerp, is already dead.”

Waking up in a strange place, Scarlett could not understand what had happened to her. Why couldn’t anyone recognize her?

And why was her fiancé standing next to another woman?

Why was she Vivian instead of Scarlett, the Esteemed Daughter of the Count?

Why was the one next to her not her fiancé Edward, but Alexis, the police chief?

Scarlett swore that she’d get her fiancé back and get revenge on the one who killed her.

The detective in the story seems to have known the murdered lady, yet he seems to not have fond memories of her. The maid who discovered the dead body is called in again to look at the body. I guess we’re technically in the past so they didn’t have cameras. Anyway, the maid discovers the lady’s engagemang ring is gone.

Bloody Marriage [First Impression]
Novel cover
We’re quickly tossed into backstory land and given information about the dead woman and the detective’s relationship with each other. We’re also allowed to see what lead up to the woman’s death.

To me, the cousin is clearly acting odd during the engagement party. It wouldn’t surprise me if this is a red herring, but I feel like she may actually be involved in the murder.

Unfortunately, there’s some anatomy issues and they’re slightly distracting when it comes to the story. I wasn’t too keen on the story in the first place, so in combination with anatomical issues it becomes a bit too much.

Recommendation: Not sure I can recommend this one, but it might be worth checking out if you like mysteries.

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