Blood and Butterflies [First Impression]

Blood and Butterflies [First Impression]

Blood And Butterflies is a really cool sci-fi/horror manhwa! If you hate gore and blood, you may want to stay away.

Alt Titles蝴蝶4号, 피와 나비, Piwa Nabi, The Blood of the Butterfly (official title)
CreatorsRemin [Lemin, 레민]
LicensedYes, Webtoon
GenreActionFantasyHorrorPsychologicalSupernatural, Mature WarningMurder, Gore

Blood And Butterflies Summary

When a swarm of giant bugs threatens to wipe out humanity, the world’s only defense is a group of humans with special abilities called Butterflies.

For Maehwa Baek, Butterflies are just heroic people he sees on TV until a tragic event brings him to the scientists that created them.

Soon, Maehwa must confront questions about himself that he has long avoided: why does he lose control at the sight of his own blood?

And what happened during the 13 years of his life that he can’t remember?

Blood And Butterflies [First Impression]
Blood And Butterflies is a really interesting story, albeit bloody as hell.

Our main character is definitely creepy and we’re given hints something happened in the past. Although it also seems he lost his memories and has no idea what happened, either.

It seems the young man really wants to go to school and just be normal, yet when the bugs attack something happens. It seems the protagonist can’t handle blood that well. He will literally go insane and start attacking left and right.

I really feel bad for the kid, especially since he is recognized by some people who give him shxt for what happened. I can understand why, because he DID kill some of that person’s friends.

Blood And Butterflies [First Impression]

Our protagonist’s sister seems compassionate and kind, but I’m not sure what her deal was. It seemed like she wanted to protect him from the institute, but she ends up putting others in harm’s way instead.

The story is so creepy since there’s apparently parasites that can infect humans. They literally take over and act like them, but they’re not fully in charge of memories. So there’s ways to discover it, which is even worse because then you’ll probably end up dead.

Blood And Butterflies remind me a bit of Neon Genesis Evangelion, although I assume there’s not that much heavy symbolism in this story. There’s definitely some symbolism with the butterflies, but I’m not exactly into looking up that.

Recommendation: Worth taking a look at if you like some sci-fi, horror and gore.

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