9 Beautiful Blonde Female Characters in Manhwa Part 2

9 Beautiful Blonde Female Characters in Manhwa

There are so many beautiful blonde female characters in comics, here are a few… Not all are badasses, but many are quite capable of causing trouble for their enemies!

Here’s 9 Beautiful Blonde Female Characters In Manhwa – be sure to let me know who you want in on the list!

Roxana Agriche from “The Way To Protect The Female Lead’s Older Brother
Blonde Female Characters
Better not get on her bad side… or Roxana might end you

Beautiful blonde hair, gorgeous red eyes and a cunning personality. She’s both beautiful and scary! I’m definitely weak to red eyes. Her aesthetics is just so different from what I’m normally used to seeing.

Artezia Rosan from “The Villainess Lives Again”
Artezia is so pretty!

Tia looks so innocent, but she’s quite a cunning woman. Living again sure makes you wiser, too. She’s not an extraordinary beauty when her face is “neutral” but as soon as she shows emotion she becomes really pretty. Like when she’s smiling or blushing, she turns into such a pretty woman.

Elena from “Shadow Queen
Elena is stunning!

The way Elena is drawn is just stunning. Those beautiful blue eyes just seem so alive… Although naïve in her first shot at life, she’s not about to make the same mistake again! You can almost tell how much she matured in those blue eyes of hers.

Viola from “Elskar
Those eyes are so pretty! Viola from Elskar

I find Viola from the manhwa series “Elskar” very pretty. She has a very stiff expression, but nonetheless, she looks really beautiful with those eyes. Her long blonde hair is also quite pretty, especially the way it’s shaped around her forehead.

The Pope Hildegard from “The Emperor’s Companion
The Pope Hildegard

The pope is really pretty with her long, straight blonde hair and golden eyes! All the different outfits suit her, as well. She looks like a sun incarnate, almost.

Princess Libertia from “When the Villainess Loves”
Princess Libertia

A villainess before her body was taken over by an isekai female lead. Princess Libertia is both pretty when she’s “evil” but also when smiling brightly. She has a more delicate feel to her appearance than some of the other protagonists.

Emperor Yulia from “I’ve Become the Villainous Emperor of a Novel
Emperor Yulia

A strong female character who still maintains her beauty and charm, can it get any better? Obviously she won’t be beautiful in same way some of the more princess-like characters are, simply because she has to be strong physically. She’s not bad looking and can easily charm people.

Ercella from “The Flower Dances and the Wind Sings

Our slightly older protagonist definitely became more beautiful as she aged. Although she was cute before, now she’s turned into a much more mature woman, ready to set things right again. She’s really smart as well!

Navier Trovi from “Remarried Empress

Navier is definitely a beautiful and dignified woman, perfect for the role of empress. She’s cold towards most people, but when she genuinely smiles she’s all the more pretty!

Which blonde haired character are you missing from this part?

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