Boss’s Blatant Taste [1st Impression]

Boss’s Blatant Taste is a bit cliché but it’s somewhat interesting. Our female lead is an undercover singer, but strong woman.

Alt Titles보스의 노골적 취향, boseuui nogoljeog chwihyang
CreatorsSikeukeu, langjuu, Chicc, 시크크 (Author)
Team Cotton Candy, 팀솜사탕 (Author)
Ban Jieun, 반지은 (Artist)
AdaptedUnsure, think there’s some novel
GenreComedy,  DramaRomanceSlice of Life
Blatant Taste

Boss’s Blatant Taste Summary

No taste in life!

Kwon Do-hyeok, a chaebol man with appearance, wealth, ability and fatal charm meets Lee Eun-chae, a free singer-songwriter who completely disarms him.

His father’s new interest in his complicated private life… is this woman?

Do-hyeok’s blatant plot to uncover Eun-chae’s identity begins!

Novel illustration
Boss’s Blatant Taste isn’t the most amazing story out there, but I can understand why many like it.

In my eyes, the art is decent at the best but it’s feeling quite stiff.

Our female lead is an undercover singer, hiding behind a lot of makeup and contacts. Of course the male lead recognizes her from the get go and spins her into his web.

A typical trope of the male lead is that he’s a businessman, like a CEO or something.

He’s also having insomnia, so I initially thought our female lead’s song would soothe him to fall asleep.

I’m not sure about that trope, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

The female lead is trying to make things work for herself, but she keeps digging her own grave.

In the end, I suppose the male and female lead will meet up and work together. However, we all know they’ll fall in love with each other.

It’s quite a comic-y and overbearing story, so don’t expect too much realism. It’s very much rooted in comedic aspects and stupidity from the female lead’s side.

Final thoughts: I didn’t enjoy this as much as I thought I would.

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