It's All Black Stocking's Fault

It’s All Black Stocking’s Fault [First Impression]

 I want to widen my reading horizon, I wish I hadn’t tried with “It’s All Black Stocking’s Fault”.

Alt Titles 都是黑丝惹的祸
CreatorsDaoshang Project (岛上Project)
Licensed?OG Publishers: AC.QQ, Bilibili, Manhuadao
GenreComedyRomanceSlice of LifeSupernatural
It's All Black Stocking's Fault

Summary of It’s All Black Stocking’s Fault

Liu Mang, now 30 years old, was a good student in the past.

But his life wasn’t good anymore. One day, when he was massaging his boss’ legs, he fainted and went back to the time he was 17 years old.

Knowing that studying hard would be useless, he decided to change his fate, and do things he’d never dare to try in the past.

It's All Black Stocking's Fault
The content you can expect

The story is basically a perverted love letter to black-stockings. It tries to be funny but just ends up being disgusting. 

Worse yet, there’s a manager who is eagerly teasing the man in question. It’s just in poor taste. 

Even the art is so-so. This means there’s basically no redeeming features and you should steer clear of this trash. 

Of course, I haven’t read further than two chapters in but I’ve been reaching my limit. Let me know if it ever gets better.

Recommendation: Run away

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