Through Each World To Be Your Black Lotus [1st Impression]

Through Each World To Be Your Black Lotus is really confusing, but I think our female lead has been killing the male lead in the parallel worlds. So now she has to put things back and in order.

Alt TitlesAlways Be Your Black Lotus In Each World, Chuānyuè Dào Měi Gè Shìjiè Chéngwéi Nǐ De Hēi Lián Huā, Luân Hồi Làm, Đóa Hắc Liên Hoa Của Anh, Through Each World To Be Your Black Lotus, Transmigrating Through Every World to Be Your Black Lotus, Xuyên Không Đến Mỗi Thế Giới Để Làm Hắc Liên Hoa Của Anh, Xuyên Không Đến Thế Giới Trở Thành Đóa Hoa Của Anh, 穿越到每个世界成为你的黑莲花
CreatorsLadle Art-Two Cats, Xia Shao Ying, Xiao Shao Movie, Xiaoshao Yinghua, 箫勺映画, 箫勺映画-调羹/两只猫, 箫勺映画-两只猫
GenreActionComedy, DramaFantasyHistoricalIsekaiMature Warning: Gore/blood, Mental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted Murder, Romance
Through Each World To Be Your Black Lotus

Through Each World To Be Your Black Lotus Summary

The story between a crazy wolf-like general and a powerful black lotus female lead in an omegaverse (ABO) parallel world.

She’s a cool and domineering person who transmigrate to different worlds and teach scumbags a lesson.

Now in this world… is she going to fall in love?

A love that might need to risk her life and get marked.

Through Each World To Be Your Black Lotus

I am honestly feeling so confused about this story, but I suppose it’s really a typical toxic relationship. The male lead wants her but he hates her, too.

As for the female lead, guess she did like him but then she stops? I’m not sure honestly, it’s a bit of a mess.

So imagine a world where a system rules different worlds, including reincarnations. Our female lead goes to all parallel worlds and takes revenge but due to this, the worlds are collapsing.

Through Each World To Be Your Black Lotus
In other words, she did a big a boo-boo and needs to fix it, otherwise even her grandfather’s soul from those worlds can’t reincarnate.

One thing I will say, the art is really good and I quite like the female lead’s appearance. I think the story is pretty stupid, but it’s at least humorous.

If you’re not liking stories where there’s some really toxic relationships, you better avoid this story. It’s definitely having some real issues when it comes abuse. Definitely a trigger warning for some.

Final thoughts: If you’re looking for amazing content, you may be looking at the wrong story. It may have some redeeming qualities, but I’m not eager to continue reading it.

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