Can I Bite You? [1st Impression]

Can I Bite You? seems like a surprisingly good manhwa series. Our female lead is suffering from severe headaches but she’s trying her best.

Alt TitlesBetween Asking, While Asking, 물어보는 사이, Bitten Contract (official title)
CreatorsSungeun, Seong Eun, 성은
GenreDramaFantasyRomanceSlice of LifeSupernatural
Bite You

Can I Bite You? Summary

Who needs medicine when a vampire’s bite can instantly make you feel better?

Chae-i visibly suffers from a chronic headache, which has earned her a terrible reputation as an actress.

When she happens to get a taste of relief after getting bitten by the top star, Ijun — who turns out to be a vampire — she asks him to continue biting her, but Ijun offers a contractual relationship instead. What is his motive? Will Chae-i find relief?

Bite You
Can I Bite You? is definitely something different in the manhwa series world, at least at initial glance.

It’s set with celebrities, in a modern setting which I’m liking. The male lead is definitely good looking and seems kind enough.

Our female lead isn’t bad either, she’s trying her best despite the headaches she’s suffering from.

Apparently the male lead is a vampire and he can make people feel better by sucking their blood.

It’s definitely an interesting take on vampires and they’re not made out to be bloodsucking monsters.

A similar-esque story to this would be Delicious Blood. If you want celebrity manhwa series I’d say Beastly Scandal is pretty fun reading.

Normally the vampires bite is forgotten, but the female lead obviously remembers the bite. Let’s just say both are feeling shocked over the occurrence and hilarity ensues afterwards.

I’m really liking the story so far and the art is good, too.

I’m honestly surprised how much I’m liking the story and how realistic it seems to be, even with supernatural themes.

Final thoughts: I’m quite liking this one, hope it continues and gets licensed!

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