Bite me [First Impression]

Bite me [First Impression]

Bite Me is a tiny bit confusing, but once you get past the initial confusion it has a basic, but interesting plot. It seems to be the basic vampire searching for his bride plot.

Alt Titles바이트 미, baiteu mi
CreatorsRuda Lee, Iluda, 이루다
LicensedYes, Webcomics
GenreDramaFantasySlice of LifeSupernatural
Bite Me [First Impression]

Bite Me Summary

‘Jo Eun-jo,’ a freshman at a university, lives in the same building as her favorite entertainer, Ji Eun-pa. While also having the honor to become a direct junior to him at the same university.

Every day she loves to see him. One day, Eun-jo opens the door to the strange sound from downstairs. And Eun-pa bites the back of her neck…?!

Meanwhile, Eun-pa realizes that Eun-jo’s blood is something more special. More special than ‘Hae-in,’ his fiancé and ‘vampire bride’ who will quench his thirst for blood.

Bite Me [First Impression]

The art of Bite Me is pretty darn decent, and I like the design of Jo Eun-jo. However, reading the translation on Webcomics leaves a lot to be desired. Sadly the translation is barely passable since I understood maybe 50% of the story.

What I did end up understanding is the male vampire is engaged to another woman but he realizes the blood of his neighbour is more enticing. Whatever this will end up meaning for them, I don’t know.

Our female lead has had a crush on this male vampire for 10 years or something, too. This is shown as we flip between past and present quite readily. I can’t help but to feel like it should have been done in a different manner, but I might be nitpicking.

I’m honestly struggling with this one. I really do want to like it, but I just can’t see to get myself to enjoy it. Had the translation been better that would have increased my enjoyment, too.

Recommendation: Check it out but don’t hold out too much hope.

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