Berandal Love Comedy [First Impression]

Berandal Love Comedy [First Impression]

Berandal Love Comedy is actually pretty funny! It’s about an innocent punk befriending a cute girl. And protecting his school.

Alt TitlesDelinquent Love Comedy
CreatorsEl muzamil
LicensedNot in English. Indonesian (original vers).
Release ActionComedy, RomanceSchool Life
Berandal Love Comedy [First Impression]

Berandal Love Comedy Summary

A silly romance story of an innocent punk who is determined to become the strongest punk for the sake of his school.

Berandal Love Comedy [First Impression]
Our female lead is starting a new school and she ends up in an alleyway with some thugs, who would have thought?

Our male lead comes to her rescue, but not before she calls out “honey, help me” to him.

It’s pretty hilarious how much he’s blushing when interacting with the new classmate. Despite being great at fighting, he’s a soft-hearted little boy when it comes to love! It’s really such an adorable thing to see, especially as she ends up sitting next to him.

I quite enjoy how sassy our female lead is, commenting on what happened previously. She even says he stinks because of the trash, which makes him even more embarrassed. It’s clear he has no experience with ladies, which is making the entire situation hilarious.

Berandal Love Comedy [First Impression]
Sadly I only managed to read about two chapters of this, but I was enjoying the comic a lot! I’m hoping the author allows fan translations of this one, because it’s really good!

The art is also pretty good, fighting scenes aren’t easy but the artist makes it look really nice. Our male lead is also looking really cute, with short, slightly spiky hair. The female lead is also looking cute with her ponytail and orange hair.

So far the story is up to 29 chapters, with the latest update being on May 2nd. Check out more stories from the same author here.

Recommendation: Yes! If you can read Indonesian it’s a no-brainer. It seems like a really fun story.

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