My Beloved Concubine [1st Impression]

My Beloved Concubine is a bit odd, but quite interesting historical story. It features a maid whom ends up having the emperor fall in love with her.

Alt TitlesRoyal Concubine, Selir Kesayangan, 무수리 문 복자 후궁되다, Mussoorie Literature Concubine, Musuri Moon Bok Ja Hugungdoeda  
CreatorsKIM Jeong-hwa, 김정화 (Authors)
S.L.L (Artist)
Release2015 – 2018
AdaptedProbably a novel
GenreDrama,  HistoricalRomanceMature WarningMental / Physical Abuse, Drugs / AlcoholSmut, Murder (of a parrot),
Beloved Concubine

My Beloved Concubine Summary

Moon Bokja is the maid of the bath palace.

One night, her carelessness in front of the King of Joseon, Lee Gyeol, led her to the sad fate of a palace maid who has to live in a deserted pavilion without a single visitor who will be forgotten.

How will Bokja’s life go next? Will His Majesty looking for her again?

Beloved Concubine
My Beloved Concubine has a bit of a half-decent art style, it’s hardly amazing.

However, some of the facial expressions in this series are just hilarious. The characters look so stupid and it’s a huge difference to the normal tone of the series.

I really don’t have a lot of positive things to say about My Beloved Concubine. Not because it’s bad, but because it’s very realistic in terms of court intrigues.

Our female lead is a lower-class, despite being raised to the title of some high court lady. I’m not going to lie and pretend I know if she’s high up in the food chain or not.

What I do gather is that her ascent would normally take at least 15 years, but she got promoted within a much shorter time.

It seems the emperor is falling in love with her, since he’s taking a great interest in her. However, he’s not exactly a person who can afford feelings if he wants to keep his throne.

The best candidate for the role of empress is really an annoying woman, who is jealous and vain. I truly hate her character, but thanks to her and her father’s scheme, the emperor ends up meeting Bokja.

I guess she did something good. Overall, I’m just hoping their relationship doesn’t cause too much political intrigue.

Final thoughts: It’s probably worth checking out and see if you may like it.

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