Before We Knew It

Before We Knew It [First Impression – Manga]

Although Before We Knew It doesn’t have a revolutionary plot, it’s still an enjoyable Japanese manga series. 

Alt Title文学処女, Bungaku shojou, Love Blooms Late, 文学処女 ‐遅咲きの恋のはなし‐, Bungaku Shojo – Osazaki no Koi no Hanashi  
CreatorsMayaka Nakano (まや花中野)
Licensed?Yes, Webtoons
Release2016 (Japanese), 2020 (English)
GenreComedyDramaMangaRomanceSlice of Life

Before We Knew It, starts out with an author called Mr. Kagaya and his new female editor, Ms. Kano Tsukihiro. The main plot is basically that Kano has never experienced love, but she’s going to experience it with Mr Kagaya. Or, that’s perhaps what we’d think.

Before We Knew It
Look at his cocky grin!
Mr. Kagaya is a playboy, although it’s a very typical reason behind it. He’s suffering from trauma he hasn’t gotten over.

Quite a typical story, right? Of course, Kano is going to help him get through it and they’ll end up happily ever after. 

Ok, I’m not 100% certain that’s going to happen in this comic. However, most romance comics end this way. A happy ending, despite setbacks.

I am hoping it ends up differently but I don’t think so. Kano is obviously a very caring character who wants to do a good job. Both for her own sake, but also because she’s a fan of Kagaya’s books. 

She eventually develops feelings for him as a person, as well. Kagaya is hellbent on pushing her away due to his own insecurities.

I do enjoy the story and the tension between Kano and Kagaya. It’s quite fun to see someone tease another person but I hope Kagaya isn’t playing with Kano’s feelings.

She deserves better than that. Of course, the 2nd male lead isn’t going anywhere in his romance despite confessing. In fact, Kano wholeheartedly rejects him. Yikes.

I like the story, despite it having multiple common tropes.

The art is also very common for a japanese comic. Females are tiny with the men being lanky with that “bad boy” look.

I can’t really complain about the art too much, it’s consistent and the coloring is fitting with the art style.

Recommendation: Worth a read if you like romance manga with “bad boys” and cutesy female lead.

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