The Lady I Served Became A Master

The Lady I Served Became a Master [Recommendation]

“The Lady I Served Became A Master” is an isekai story with a twist. The young lady we’re introduced to is actually a man!

Alt TitlesMosideon agassiga dolyeonnim-i doeeobeolyeossda, The Lady I Served Has Become a Master, Миний Үйлчилж Байсан Залуу Авхай Залуу Ноёнтон Болсон нь, Моя леди – с подвохом, 모시던 아가씨가 도련님이 되어버렸다, The Young Lady I Served Became a Young Master
CreatorsTabby Star (태비의별) [Author] – Sigma (시그마) [Artist]
LicensedYes, TappyToon
NovelYes, English
The Lady I Served Became A Master
Our faces after seeing Chloe turn into a man
I’ve been reading “The Lady I Served Became A Master” for what feels like a really long time. I was hooked on it from the first chapter and it hasn’t let me down yet. Below you can read the summary.

Summary of The Lady I Served Became A Master

When Sua wakes up inside the world of her favorite novel as the character of Blair, she is determined to help the female protagonist, Chloe, get through the darkest period of her life.

For years, Chloe has had to endure discrimination and abuse for being an illegitimate child. Blair becomes her maid and confidante, and the two form a special friendship.

But Chloe turns out to be quite a different character than the one described in the book. She wields black magic, sends Blair to fetch her mysterious potions, and seems totally uninterested in any of the male lead candidates.

Then one day, a handsome man who looks an awful lot like Chloe shows up at Blair’s doorstep.

Could it be…the lady she used to serve?! All bets are off as plot twist after plot twist unravels in this unpredictable tale of love and redemption.TappyToon

The Lady I Served Became A Master
My heart!

Hope you read all of that. Now, for the most chapters we’re simply focusing on the relationship between Chloe and Blair. We’re not exactly given a lot of information about Chloe being a man.

That being said, it’s shown Chloe blushing a lot when Blair is coming close to her/him. It’s obvious that he likes Blair more than a friend! It seems that the body is only a female, but his mind is definitely that of a male.

The Lady I Served Became A Master
I enjoyed the story because it took the time to develop a natural relationship of mutual trust and love. It wasn’t one day and then Chloe accepted Blair, it took time.

Blair also suffered a lot on her own, but she got help from Chloe to relieve her pain. They’re a team, whether they know it or not.

I am scared the story is going to go to cliché land with Chloe turning into a man, but I have hopes it won’t happen.

Blair’s reaction to Chloe being a man named Claude was also interesting and hilarious. You can tell she’s really attracted to him but she’s also uncomfortable with the idea.

Recommendation: MUST READ

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