I Raised the Beast Well

I Raised the Beast Well [Recommendation]

I Raised The Beast Well / My Gently Raised Beast is a really good manhwa about a princess who befriends a cat. Who isn’t really a cat, but still cute!

Alt Titles곱게 키웠더니 짐승, I Raised a Beast, I Raised the Beast, J’ai élevé une bête, My Cute Friend, เสือดำขย้ำหัวใจ, 我的野蛮萌友, 我的野蠻萌友, My Gently Raised Beast (Official title)
CreatorsEarly Flower [이른꽃], Teava [Ti-Ba, Tiba, Tiva,티바] (Authors)
YEO Seulgi [YEO Sulgi, Yeoseulki, 여슬기]
LicensedYes, Official English, Official S. Chinese, Official T. Chinese, Official Thai, Official Indonesian, Official French
I Raised The Beast Well [Recommendation]

I Raised The Beast Well Summary

Blondina is living a real-life Cinderella story. After growing up poor and enduring a difficult childhood, she discovers that she is a princess of the Ates empire.

However, her estranged father and half-siblings give her the cold shoulder when she moves into the palace, and Blondina must keep a low profile.

That all changes when she befriends Amon, a cat-like creature with mysterious intentions. For years, creatures like Amon and humans have struggled to live in harmony.

Can Blondina and Amon’s friendship bring peace, or will it deepen the rift between their people?

I Raised The Beast Well [Recommendation]
Amon grew up fine~
I really like “I Raised The Beast Well”, although the manhwa may be lacking information present in the novel.

Now, I read various comments stating the world isn’t as fleshed out in the manhwa as in the novel.

I can believe the comments, yet I don’t exactly find that to be an issue. I’m not exactly reading the story for a great world or anything. Now, I enjoy reading it, mainly due to Blondina and Amon’s friendship and interactions. I can’t wait for the day when the two realize they like each other!

Without the cute relationship, the plot is pretty basic. We have a princess whose mother is a commoner, a father who cares little for his illegitimate daughter. Oh and we also have two half-siblings acting all rude towards Blondina.

I Raised The Beast Well [Recommendation]
The emperor
Like I said, the plot is pretty basic if you spell it out like that, but I still enjoy it.

The relationship with Amon and Blondina is heart-warming, cute and lovely. She finds a friend who can defend her when she can’t, although she’s very much capable herself.

I’ve never quite seen a protagonist be so nonchalant and want to end a conversation in the way Blondina does! It’s quite refreshing to see how she just wants to stay out of trouble, yet struggles to do so.

Of course, I hate the misunderstandings that occur, but I suppose I have to stomach those for now…

Recommendation: I definitely recommend checking this one out, especially since it’s free on Webtoons now!

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