I Became The Dark Villain's White Moonlight [1st Impression]

Be The Moonlight [1st Impression]

Be The Moonlight is a so-so manhua series I’m not really loving. The comic feels forceful and boring, cliché and stupid.

Alt TitlesBecome The Blackening Villain’s White Moonlight, 成了黑化反派的白月光, I Became The Dark Villain’s White Moonlight
CreatorsXiūluō, Xiu Luo, 修罗 (Author & Artist)
Genre DramaFantasyHistoricalIsekaiMature WarningMental / Physical Abuse, Romance

Be The Moonlight Summary

After becoming a successful PR woman, our female lead transmigrates into a novel she’s been reading.

She’s now desperately trying to save her own life and that of the novel’s male lead.

Be The Moonlight
Be The Moonlight isn’t really a good story.

The plot is basic and typical to a thousand other stories out there. The only good thing is the art, but only sometimes.

Other times the comic’s art is so-so, with awkward moments or weird body posturing. Overall the art isn’t too bad but it’s not great.

What makes the comic bad is the plot, which is somewhat bad. The story isn’t exactly great or unique in any way, which isn’t surprising. The female lead is annoying but she’s not bad.

As for the male lead, he’s abused due to successor issues and thus suffers quite badly. However, I feel like the male lead’s father is the main issue for having multiple women.

Overall the story isn’t great nor amazing, but I suppose you can read it if you want to, but don’t expect a lot.

The relationship is also weird, because the female lead is technically “older” but going for a young child.

I get the idea behind it, but it seems just a bit odd. I know many manhwa series does the same, such as The Little Princess and Her Monster Prince.

Furthermore, I also don’t love the explanations that are constantly given; they’re CONSTANTLY explaining the reasoning behind their choices.

It just feels awkward and stupid, like we don’t understand what’s going on and they have to explain it to us.

Final thoughts: It’s a so-so manhua series without anything super unique going for it.

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