Baby Empress [First Impression]

I was hoping to like Baby Empress, but something is just rubbing me the wrong way. The protagonist isn’t an isekai child, but a real one.

Alt TitlesEmperatriz bebé, La bebé emperatriz, Agi Hwanghunim, 아기 황후님, Our Little Empress (official title)
CreatorsYusoi [USOI, Yusoy, 유소이] (Author)
nokcy [Naro, ナロ, 나로, ノクシ, 녹시] (Artist)
LicensedOfficial English
AdaptedProbably a novel originally
Genre DramaFantasyHistorical, Mature WarningMental / Physical AbuseRomance
Baby Empress

Baby Empress Summary

The child of a prophecy is born to save the world. “I need to get married to save people…? I’ll do the marriage!”

The emperor is a young and innocent boy. But… “I can’t give you my daughter! She will not be becoming empress.”

My father interfered with my marriage! “Is my sister just a toy to you?”

And my brother too! Will I be able to save the world?

Baby Empress starts out interestingly enough, with a child being a saviour to the world.

I also enjoy the fact she’s left out of gaining information, easily thinking she’s going to be abandoned again.

However, it’s both a good and bad thing to have it like this. In one way, it’s good because the protagonist is truly worrying about her future. On the other hand, the audience have little information about it, too.

I still have very little knowledge about the world and why she’s being needed to save it.

Furthermore, she’s speaking to spirits and is even able to see them. Which is interesting, but it’s hardly a unique plot point anymore.

As for the character design, I wish I was liking it but I’m not.

It’s clear the artist is trying to make the child cute, but she looks like a blob with a wig and blue eyes attached on it. She’s not cute looking in my eyes, but instead just looks weird.

My initial reaction was to question if this is a manhua, and not a manhwa. That’s not a good thing, by the way.

Final Thoughts: Overall I’m not liking the story too much and it seems quite boring. I’m not going to continue this one.

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