At Your Service, My Lady [First Impression]

At Your Service, My Lady [First Impression]

“At Your Service, My Lady” is a comedic tale of a poor student and the heiress looking for romantic experience. They end up dating and probably finding love in the process.

Alt TitlesThis Lady Is Too Much, 아가씨가 너무해!, At Your Service My Lady
CreatorsViva [BIBA, Viva喂娃酱, 비바] (Artist & Author)
LicensedYes, Official English Translation
GenreComedyDramaRomanceSchool Life

At Your Service, My Lady summary from MU

Park Shin Hye, the student president and prince of Geumsoo High School, and Kim Ghun Ja, the princess and the granddaughter of the chairman, have a secret that no one can tell.

What is their secret that doesn’t seem to lack anything? And is the love blossoming between them just an illusion?

At Your Service, My Lady  [First Impression]
Park Shin Hye works as a housekeeper and ends up leaving the door to one of his clients’ homes open. This ends up with the home being burglarized, which in turns leaves us with the information that Kim Ghun Ja is the owner.

Since Park Shin Hye is actually poor and working to support 5 younger siblings, he can’t pay back everything that was stolen. Kim Ghun Ja comes up with the idea of them fake dating in order to pay off what he owes. Not without him protesting it, though!

It turns out that Kim Ghun Ja is an anonymous writer for a popular web novel. However, recent critique have come in saying it seems the author lacks any real romance experience and thus the story’s gotten stale. She’s obviously thinking hard about this and how to solve the issue.

In order to combat this problem, the princess will date our student president. Of course, no one can know about this in school. The school is called “Silverspoon Academy” in the translation and features only the richest of the nation’s students. Except Park Shin Hye of course, who is dirt poor.

At Your Service, My Lady  [First Impression]
As it turns out, Park Shin Hye only got in due to scholarships and hard work, but to make ends meet he’s working as a housekeeper. It’s hard work, but someone has to do it.

Personally I can totally see how Kim Ghun Ja values time and experience over money. She’s not exactly lacking in funds, which makes money quite arbitrary for her.

She’s clearly planning how to make the most of the time she has with Park Shin Hye, which includes going after a “must do” dating list.

Now, our female character seems to be pretty cool and collected, but I’m pretty sure she will thaw for our male lead soon! It seems she’s very much attached to him, even seemingly calling out males for getting to close to what is “hers”.

Both of these characters have their reasons for following along with the fake dating. I must say I like the logic found in the manhwa, all things considered. It doesn’t feel like the author is grasping at straws to make it work.

Recommendation: A pretty sweet and interesting school romance, well worth to check out.

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